Chaucer’s malady

It was cold outside, evidence seemingly displayed by your body at first glance. You passed by without noticing, why would you, we had never met.

My seat in a quiet corner allowed a wide introspective of the quaint old place, not quite the classic pub but equally not the throbbing loud small bar.

You flitted in and out of my sight for more than an hour, each time you settled around a familiar group, you were confident, at home and people clearly adored you. Just when I thought you were settling, off like a dragonfly you’d go to another enclave.

A moment as you acquired sustinance from the bar, you leant forward so as to place your order, the full shape of your body emerged. The curve of your buttocks held tightly by your full length dress, your exposed back and shoulders, strong and determined. Your breasts evident from the side naturally supported, delicious and ripe.

I stole the opportunity to research you further, an energetic Spanish fabric seemed to fit you so well, your wild hair ouzed personality and minimalist leather soles pretended to be sandles so that your brightly painted toes could steal attention.

As you returned to normal balance, you tucked your hair behind your ear, dispatched the small change to the tip jar and collected a fine glass of sparkling amber.

As your lips took their first taste I knew I wanted to kiss them, Soft and inviting, they relaxed as pleasure entered your mouth, a lick of your tongue and a cleanising bite sealed my resolve.

My mind teased my body with thoughts of your dress, silk to touch, incredibly thin and loose. Suspended by a wrap behind the neck, you must feel as close to being naked as one can be fully clothed.

Did you know I could imagine your body beneath? As you floated so elegantly, could you tell I moved with you? Each time you touched yourself, were you feeling electricity below?

Slightly aroused in a dark corner watching a beautiful girl isn’t the best most appropriate circumstance, I needed to move, refresh my drink, trip over an opportunity to hear your voice and maybe breath in your scent.

Your glass was empty. I approached you from behind. I touched you gently at the small of your back as close friends do in greeting and waited for you to turn to face me. You took your time, confident and relaxed.

I didn’t release my hold, I felt your silky skin move slowly beneath my fingers, as soft and stimulating as I had imagined. By the time we faced each other the warmth of your glow embraced me. Your eyes level with my lips didn’t flinch despite the close quarters they found themselves. Slowly I watched as your gaze climbed to meet mine, I couldn’t wait for your them to lock onto mine, would I see into your heart or would you see into mine.

You touched the back of my hand now firmly holding your waist intimately, we didn’t speak…

Happy Valentines Day


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