Forever chasing time

Time waits, it heals and according to some is the measure of success.

But as a little inquisitive defective child I could never understand how it got to be more than that. The measure of time is a human condition, as far as we know, no other living organism measures it or relates the sequence of everything to it.

Of course the modern world functions on the back of logical measures such as hours and minutes, days and months and seasons.

The animal kingdom clearly also recognise many of these things, timely hibernation and migrations occur to ensure their species continue.

Humans however need more, they need to explain everything and make comparisions. We label everything to provide clarity and certainty but do we go too far, do we make things worse because of it.

When a person dies young we say they had a shortened life, this suggests they missed out and an emotive reaction follows. But what if that was 100% of their body’s design !

We judge people by a benchmark of age, we educate, employ and even attract them. Yet everyone matures at different speeds, different environments and oppportunity skew this further and lets not forget gender challenges.

The individual is now so programmed to work within a time set that I fear no one really knows how old they are.

An animal lives sleep to sleep, tomorrow may be their last or not.

If you knew you had 50 years would you change how you live, what about definitely making 100 ? Or is this too complicated to cope with ?

Why has this been such a niggle in my mind for so long, perhaps its the question itself not the answer.  By labeling everything we create restriction, time is just an example of the greater problem.

Forever does indeed chase time these days but should it be so ?


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