The Bar

The bar is pleasant, the anticipated low lighting gentle on the eyes, the steady beat from the disco bar next door makes its presence felt without upsetting the regulars.

I approach the empty bar and stand over your shoulder, you feel my presence, instinctively check your dress and flick your hair over your collar.

Our eyes meet in the whisky mirror as if by accident and lock in combat for a heartbeat longer than normal, we both acknowledge this stolen moment and smile as we look away; The kind of smile that reaches your toes but doesn’t move your mouth.

The barman takes my order, I have to lean over for him to hear, I smell your perfume and have to desperately force the right words out, once successfully placed I feel relief and risk sneaking another glance in the mirror of dreams. All I see are your smiling eyes looking innocently back.

My order is delivered, I need to reach past your right shoulder, to warn you of my impending visitation to your personal space I lightly touch your left shoulder, I feel your warm soft delicate skin through your silky dress. You move not deliberately clear but almost subconsciously into my temporary embrace, the smell of your hair hits my nostrils and I want to stay forever, instead I have to struggle to control my arm as I manoeuvre the drinks.

Sensing my job is done you turn to see me off and I in turn seek the reward of your last look and perhaps the last smile you will ever make just for me.

Your date returns as I vacate the area, the jealous question on his lips will never be asked.

On my return from our initial encounter at the bar I swapped stools at the table I occupied with my partner and friends. Our table location meant I couldn’t get a direct view of you, I had to settle for another reflection in the wall mirror which then showed me you, in the Whisky mirror where we first met.

As we talked I watched you, your body language suggested you were settled and comfortable with your company as only a long term partner could be, were you married I didn’t see but you knew somewhere someone was watching you. Casual glances around the bar, nothing dramatic so as to distract your partner but nonetheless you were intrigued.

A normally shy person I couldn’t take my eyes off your image in the mirror, begging for one genuine look made just for me. As time passed my hopes were slowly dashed and my head started the process letting down my heart as to what was never to be.

Just as all hope was gone there you were, plain as day staring as straight back as 2 mirrors could allow, your partner had once again left you momentarily alone and stranded. The thoughts that passed in those exclusive seconds where you were mine and I was yours remain precious to this day, had I known what was ahead I’d have never believed.

Even now, since you have gone, I have trouble recalling just how it moved from this simple innocent exchange to what we have shared in such a short span of time.

It must have been a full 30 minutes that off and on we had checked each other out, confident that it wasn’t just one way perving I would dare you to look mid way through a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner. Then it was your turn, just as I thought I’d been found out my end and try to concentrate on the local chatter your eyes would penetrate the pub until I looked again.

There was something mysterious and sexy in the way you looked, not the usual good looking girl but more, a deeper more sensual experience maybe the difference a real lambs wool rug brings to a roaring log fire.

After looking away for a minute or so, my gaze returned but you were gone, instantly my heart responded, pierced deep by a thin knife my breathing felt pressured and heavy, my shoulders almost collapsed and my mouth suddenly couldn’t remember how to smile. The one lasting memory I had was warmness in my groin, which would take a few hours to subside.

I took a drink, settled back into my chair and just as I started to convince my heart life goes on, you were there, not in the mirrors but in person standing at our table. Having a mouth full of drink I swallowed it quickly to ensure I didn’t spit it out and directed the automatic smile on my face your way. You were of course smart enough to address the lady of the table and advised her the barman thought I’d left my keys on the bar.

I followed you back to the place we first met, your partner was gone again, at the bar you turned took my eyes with yours and showed me the corridor to the hotel and whispered 5 minutes.

Having returned and passed my keys to my wife I made my excuses for a trip to the toilet and headed off to your adventure, I followed you down the hallway and into a cupboard with cleaning supplies. You turned, I took your cheeks in my hands, thumbs under your eyes and bent down and kissed you forever on your lips..

My hands drifted down your silky dress, our lips parted and our foreheads met as we examined our find, the ripple of your bra strap, the curve under your ribs to your hips and the merge into your shapely behind. The string of your undies hidden from sight but not from touch, I feel around the small of your back one hand going up, the other going down to the softness of your sexy bum.

Both arms work together to pull you onto my already hard cock, your tummy makes contact and even through my trousers your dress it feels like skin on skin. Your arms have wrapped under mine and up to my shoulders, you are content to relax and enjoy the moment for now.

Both of my hands are now on your bottom cheeks feeling the curve as they meet your thighs, as my lips reach down to smell your neck my arms are wishing you up higher so that I can swallow you whole. Your neck is so soft and open, your hair is now held back in a pigtail, when did you do this I wonder.. but not for long.

I nibble your ear lobe as one of my foraging hands ventures to your tummy, my thumb exploring your ribs up to your cleavage; my palm joins with your breast as though they were designed by the same person.

Underneath your dress and bra my fingers can feel your hardened nipple, difficult as it may be my first two fingers sit either side and at least imagine it being squeezed gently. You have relocated yourself, slightly opened your legs and accepted my thigh between. I press you gently against it knowing this is resting on your little button that has been waiting to be pressed.

Through your dress I can feel your panties join at the back and slip down as one between your cheeks, there is no better view I can think of at this moment than what is under your silky outer garment.

As if reading my mind you detach yourself and turn your back on me, I hesitate wondering what was wrong but your smile over your shoulder eases my thoughts and I see you bending slightly against one of the lower shelves. I use both hands to feel your bum again through this silky coverall and then lift the fabric up to reveal your fabulous secret world within.

I go down on my knees and lick the inside of your thighs, my hands warn you of my passage, my thumbs help expose your inner world. I can smell you even from your knees and know you have been thinking about this as long as I have.

My tongue reaches the base of your special lips and you bend further as your needs increase, you are wet enough that your slit is open, your simple undies have been buried within. I lick the part that no-one sees and you tingle all over, I slide my tongue into your slit twisting in and around your g string knowing if anyone checked they’d know what you’d done.

I can just reach your clit with my nose pressed against your bum entrance, you push back slightly making me aware this isn’t forbidden. I bring my tongue back in a long slow firm lick all the way through your lips over your no-mans land and onto your buttonhole. Wetting you thoroughly, you are clearly in some agony, your hand appears at your clit from the front and am concerned I may miss out on something special.

I stand and pull out my rather excited shy little friend, no longer little and no longer shy but smiling and eager, I slip it between your legs into your wet place where your fingers meet it and press it onto your clit. After a moment you need relief and push it back, arrange yourself onto it and slide up its full length, as I reach the end of your channel you smile with delight, it doesn’t take many strokes before you have exploded onto me and you catch your breath.

Knowing this isn’t finished you slide off my soaked cock with a bit of a squelch, it springs up on exit and slips past your bum hole, although you are now very well lubricated there you turn to say not this time baby and kneel down in front of me. You take my cock into your mouth and taste our combined juices, just the idea of you doing this to me makes me ready to explode, after a very short amount of time you can see I’m ready. Keeping constant eye contact with me you push me all the way into your mouth, I can feel your tonsils and know you are about to gag but this just makes me want to flood you even more.

As I pump out all my goodness it shoots straight down your throat, you are very brave and don’t miss a beat. Once I’ve unloaded you clean me up with a quick lick and then come up for a cuddle and a kiss. A deep meaningful kiss that said ‘shit that was unbelievable’. You are shaking from the exertion and excitement and so am I, I don’t know why this happened but am glad that it did.

I look again into your eyes and see the untold beauty I had pictured before, I realise we haven’t spoken a word since the bar. You straighten your dress, I check the hallway, just before you walk out I lift your dress one last time, you allow me as though we were married and I stare longingly at your secret place now enclosed once again in your panties. I slide 1 finger under the side into your now relaxed pussy and take a sample of your remaining juices on my finger. I then straighten your dress again as though we were married, touch your cheek with my hand and kiss you one last time.

You walk out of the cupboard and back to your world, I allow you five minutes before returning to my own. As I enter the bar I see you with your husband standing in readiness to leave, you have a jacket over your shoulders and a frown on your face. As you look my way you show me a glimmer of that smile, your slightly flushed cheeks are only visible to me because I know to look.

I walk back to my table as you turn to go and rejoin the world of school kids gossip and ask if anyone needs a fresh drink.


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