A Friday in September

She walked in before him, as the door closed his arms enveloped her from behind, he kissed her neck gently as his hands moved over her body. The buttons of her blouse were soon open and he pulled it back off her arms to leave her upper body naked. He caressed her breasts and nipples, in the mirror she could see her slender form as his suntanned hands exploring every part of her; his tongue traced down between her shoulders.

Lowering himself and the zip of her skirt, it fell to the floor as he to his knees, she stepped from it as if part of a dance. He pushed against her slightly and moved her forwards lowering her face down onto the bed.

Now his exploring mouth was at waist level. He tracked the string of her underwear down between her cheeks. Pushing her legs apart with his knees, she felt his moist tongue moving down and in firmly as he ran his fingernails over her buttocks, pulling them apart as he probed deeper.

She was stirring inside now as he pushed her knees further apart on the bed, forcing her to arch her back and push her arse into the air slightly. She could feel the g-string almost cutting her in two, his wet tongue soothing the pain moving it aside to reach the special parts. She felt vulnerable as she knew what was on view now, but she made no effort to move when she felt his tongue press against her ring, probing and licking.

He brought his hand up and very gently stroked her pussy lips and her moist entrance. All the time his tongue was working into her, she felt more and more of his saliva around and in her rim as he worked on lubricating her. She was aware of where this might lead and although she was a virgin there she couldn’t bring herself to stop his good work. She pushed her arse upwards to give him more access which enabled him to stroke more of her pussy. As his tongue worked deeper his fingers moved towards her clit and she felt herself melting before him.

She was so turned on now, but at the point where she thought she would go over the edge he pulled away and stood up. This was her opportunity to roll over and change the pace, maybe take his cock in her mouth or pull him on top of her, but she did neither she just lay there waiting for his next move.

Her heart beat fiercely, her pussy throbbed with a need much greater than anything she’d felt in weeks. Totally naked in the room with a stranger, her rear entrance provocatively positioned with one purpose in mind. Had she led him on to this point or was he forcing her with subtle seduction, would it hurt or would the pleasure overide the pain.
Access was hers to grant would she submit, would he ask, either way she could wait no longer, her fingers slipped into her pool of desire, the special spot inside felt like home, her clit needed her badly and somehow she had to be filled. Reaching for her friend she could not hold back, dumb and insensitive it might be but good for the simple things in mind.
Big enough to fill the gap but not too big to do any damage, long enough to satisfy the deepest of people, she slid her old friend all the way in.
She felt him return naked and erect, a smile on his face as he’d enjoyed her play, without allowing her time to think, he slipped a lubricated thumb into her bum, instead of rebelling and moving away, she pushed onto him.
Knowing this would be more filling than her old friend could manage, she wanted it all and right now, before she came and her senses returned.
His thumb had slid effortlessly in, she’d always thought of it as being so tight and small and yet she still wanted more.

As she relaxed her grip he turned his thumb slowly, he could feel the vibrator from inside of her and wanted to control it.

His fingers could now slip between her legs, feel the end of toy and even locate her clit. Everything was soaking wet, she was moving in motion to the rhythms of her needs, her hand bumping into his as they both aimed for the same results.

The masculine animal must see his prey, feeling is good but seeing is better. Her bum had been so smooth and tight, her pussy must be the same. Trimmed to perfection, lips waiting to be kissed, he must find a way to discover more about her.

Sliding slowly up and down his thumb, the knuckle naturally expanding and contracting her inner sole. The vibrations from her friend, the feeling of a stranger’s fingers exploring her, collaborate to drive her deeper and deeper into a sensual trance.

Now oblivious to the outside world her body or rather its pleasure is the only thing that matters.  He knew she was on the edge; the slightest erratic movement could trigger her. He was equally finely tuned; the vision of her exposed to the world, moaning as she slid voluntarily on his hand, was almost enough to spoil the moment.

His concentration at its peak as was something else which she clearly desired, he gently rolled her onto her back, allowed her knees to rise each side of his face, taking care not to remove anything from her delicious holes.

From his new vantage point he see everything he wanted, nothing else matter, the rain outside could wait.  His eyes took in her bum with his thumb inside, moved on to her pussy neatly sucking on a vibrating little friend. Up to her tight little bush of hair glistening in the half-light and across her small tummy to her heaving breasts.

Nipples erect and begging to be sucked there was so much he wanted all at the same time, he looked into her eyes and almost came there and then. Unadulterated sensual desire radiated out from within, he wanted to suck her inside and out, he wanted to taste her and lick her until she was inside him. He simply wanted to devour every part of her.

She saw his emotional claws coming out, his glowing eyes controlled only by his senses, he could be dangerous unless guided well, but in the right hands he would be pleasure itself. She slipped her friend out and tossed it aside, gently guided his throbbing penis into her and squeezed him tight.

He lowered his frame onto her chest, most of his penis captured by her soft lips. Slipping his right thumb from her behind he gently guided her arms above her head and held them with one hand. His left straightened her hair before his fingers slipped down to her ear. His thumb rested on her cheek and massaged her reassuringly, easing the pain of  her recent loss.

As his nipples reached hers a spark crossed their bodies,  he pushed further into her, he watched her smile as she appreciated the unexpected extra depth.  He waited for her to calm a little not wishing the end, this control helped his own sensitivity but he needed more distraction.

She raised her lips to met his, begging for him to allow them to climb further, still not wanting the peak to be in sight, before kissing her lips he blew a cool breath from her pussy, though her now moist belly button, between her pert lumps up to her neck and into her mouth.

Connecting for the first time, both unsure whether to just mingle or dance they soon swayed together as though separated at birth.

A flourish of lips, desperate tongues twisting and dancing, tasting and nibbling until finally eagerness is sated and tenderness takes over.  Her lips stick to his, frozen in time. He sucks in her tempered breath as it escapes her mouth, deep inside not wishing to waste anything she discards.

He limits his own release so not to blast her with wasted air, blowing gently across her cheeks. Kissing gently along the edge of her lower lip she remains captivated, soaking in the intense contact from this person she’d hardly even met.

A bundle within his total control, her body is connected at every sensory point. Their lips soft and gentle, their hard nipples pressed together. His chest supported by the backs of her legs, his strong hard cock buried deep within her hot tight pussy. Both displaying slightly more control but equally close to that magnificent orange horizon.

Reaching the corner of her mouth she feels the tip of his tongue explore the join, teasing her as he had somewhere else, seemingly a long time before. Making the connection instantly a slight moan squeezes out as she arches herself setting off a chain of sensory explosions.

As her chest presses against her thighs, her breasts get forced into a smaller space into his chest. Her tummy wet with fragrant passion, seals creating a vacuum that pulls gently at her button as they move together. Her hips roll backwards, her clit makes contact with his pubic mound, his cock reaches still deeper into her and finally presses hard against her g-spot just inside.

With both ends of her clitoris being attended to, she starts to climb the final staircase, the end must come and he knows he can control her no more.  Kissing down her cheek to her ear, she is moving beneath him making her own motion.  Slowly building, rolling very slightly, he remembers the g-string he had deliberately left on.

Pushed aside by all intruders and yet still clinging on, seems so naughty to be partly dressed. Picturing its delicate string moving slightly across her rim, the small lace patch watching as it slowly got soaked with delicious rain.

Her neck reaches out for its share of the riches, his tongue tickling her throbbing veins, his teeth biting her firm young skin, once again the beast is free, this time there will be no chance to hold him back.

She arches further, his cock strains inside, the base presses harder against her lips outside as his balls settle on her rear button hole.  Sliding is next but he wants to see her enjoy it, he pulls her tight in both arms squeezing her onto him but careful not to harm.  She is impaled on a spear of pure happiness, no drugs or alcohol required her nails warn there may be scars if he doesn’t act soon.

Sliding slowly out of its deep new home his cock felt longing to be returned; the necessity of the action painful to accept.  The relative cool air he felt long his shaft, shot misses into his racing heart beat, the need for clear usefully deep breaths clouded by his intense desire to push her past her limits of control.

As she felt him move she smiled and relaxed slightly knowing her immediate destiny was coming. His continued movement rubbing out along the upper surface of her soaking wet pussy, sending sparkles of pleasure through every inch of her frame. She waited for the plunge back down deep inside, the forcing open of her tunnel, but it didn’t arrive.  Her heart robbed of several beats as she felt the tip of his cock leaving her empty and alone. Purpose lost and confused, she gasped a breath and let out a cry for help.

The anguish on her face as her emotions transformed, the greatest leap from joy to pain written deeply on her beautiful face.  He wanted to console her but knew she’d rebel, his plan partly complete, he could still be her hero.  He stole one last look at her unsatisfied lips, he would love a side trip to taste her but knew her nails wouldn’t allow.

Neither had moved, their planets were still aligned, she felt him moving back into her, slow at first to ensure the path was located, once inside he pushed in hard. Forcing the breath out of her chest, he slapped into her, hearing her relief he looked into her eyes.

As they reopened they peered contentedly into his warm green irises. The initial happiness of being granted her last wish, soon was replaced with a glint of pay back. Sliding her legs each side of his hips under the disguise of adjusting for comfort, whilst he prepared for a second maneuver she took him by surprise.

Rolling him over, her counter attack was over before it began, a surge of adrenaline, the reclaiming of power, exciting her higher to a place never been.  The shock on his face wiped away with delight, she pinned his arms and started to ride.

Rolling her hips at first swallowing him whole, rubbing her clit frantically against his mound, the waves started crashing, her juices over flowing. She lifted up off him and crashed straight back down, faster and faster, further and further. His cock temporarily escaping then captured again, as she stabbed herself over and over.

He felt her nails biting his wrists, her teeth on his neck biting and sucking at the same time. Plunge after plunge he could feel the inevitable, her storm had broken, she was flooding him with love. Her back was tensing she was squeezing every drop out.

He wanted to deliver her favourite dessert deep within her, he held her still and exploded, shot after shot. Clamping her tightly their juices combined, a melting pot of passion.

All energy expended she collapsed onto him again, he held her closely her skin so slippery. Their hearts pounded in unison, there were no words to explain, they had experienced the race together, a bond forged in lust.

She could feel him softening but would not let him go, he loved this position the mess amongst the glow. He licked her salty neck and blew kisses in her ear, she wrapped her whole body around him, her sensitive nipples still hard on his chest. He accepted her embrace and snuggled deep into her heart, he pulled her bottom into his lap making it know he was still buried inside.

Her electric sensitivity was easing slowly, the warmth of that special place once again radiating through him.  Soon he might taste the very essence of her being, a flavour created uniquely for him.


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