Morning Glory

Dawn simply seems to be there, she slips in under the cover of night just like the mist, lying in wait for the sun to rise.

She is always fresh and alive, droplets of her dew litter the petals of her children. Soon enough she will be gone but not before lighting a fire within those that witness her.

A dash of lime, a hint of mint, the spine tingle or forearm shiver. Small catalysts that hold more weight than their dosage suggests, Dawn brings a clean slate, a new beginning, a perspective without pressure or haste for the day is only hours old

The day is long, open and free, nothing dictates the limit of its potential better than the start it receives. Ignorance is bliss and unproductive, to argue with nature is natural, tolerated and encouraged but in the end always foolhardy.

Dawn is beauty without a cover, no judgement required.


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