Glorious Flame

The first glimpse of your flame was memorable. Your youthful excitement, tough resilient nature and fierce determined happiness, must have been as evident the day your fire was lit.

I can only imagine how as a child you’d have danced without purpose, fought without a cause and bounced from one eddy of experience to another, restrained only for your own good.  Nervous and fresh, eager to learn, developing erratic sometimes predictable movements to combat the ever-changing breeze.

Now twirling in a dreamy waltz I watch enthralled at your every move. Married to a gentle breath of air one minute, pushing away and escaping the deathly clutches of a passing gust the next; a word spellbinding.

Your flame may have diminished in ferocity and passion to some, to others it is more understood than ever, your rich colourful tapestry is reflected in the mirror you trail behind. Power may be tempered but your attraction has multiplied.

When we first meet no one truly knows how much of our light each of us will share, some candles are extinguished early, others after many years. What we do know is that everyone is a candle, we should allow ourselves to burn freely and proudly, share our light as that is our only true purpose; everything else is just a distraction.


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