Chaucer’s malady

It was cold outside, evidence seemingly displayed by your body at first glance. You passed by without noticing, why would you, we had never met.

My seat in a quiet corner allowed a wide introspective of the quaint old place, not quite the classic pub but equally not the throbbing loud small bar.

You flitted in and out of my sight for more than an hour, each time you settled around a familiar group, you were confident, at home and people clearly adored you. Just when I thought you were settling, off like a dragonfly you’d go to another enclave.

A moment as you acquired sustinance from the bar, you leant forward so as to place your order, the full shape of your body emerged. The curve of your buttocks held tightly by your full length dress, your exposed back and shoulders, strong and determined. Your breasts evident from the side naturally supported, delicious and ripe.

I stole the opportunity to research you further, an energetic Spanish fabric seemed to fit you so well, your wild hair ouzed personality and minimalist leather soles pretended to be sandles so that your brightly painted toes could steal attention.

As you returned to normal balance, you tucked your hair behind your ear, dispatched the small change to the tip jar and collected a fine glass of sparkling amber.

As your lips took their first taste I knew I wanted to kiss them, Soft and inviting, they relaxed as pleasure entered your mouth, a lick of your tongue and a cleanising bite sealed my resolve.

My mind teased my body with thoughts of your dress, silk to touch, incredibly thin and loose. Suspended by a wrap behind the neck, you must feel as close to being naked as one can be fully clothed.

Did you know I could imagine your body beneath? As you floated so elegantly, could you tell I moved with you? Each time you touched yourself, were you feeling electricity below?

Slightly aroused in a dark corner watching a beautiful girl isn’t the best most appropriate circumstance, I needed to move, refresh my drink, trip over an opportunity to hear your voice and maybe breath in your scent.

Your glass was empty. I approached you from behind. I touched you gently at the small of your back as close friends do in greeting and waited for you to turn to face me. You took your time, confident and relaxed.

I didn’t release my hold, I felt your silky skin move slowly beneath my fingers, as soft and stimulating as I had imagined. By the time we faced each other the warmth of your glow embraced me. Your eyes level with my lips didn’t flinch despite the close quarters they found themselves. Slowly I watched as your gaze climbed to meet mine, I couldn’t wait for your them to lock onto mine, would I see into your heart or would you see into mine.

You touched the back of my hand now firmly holding your waist intimately, we didn’t speak…

Happy Valentines Day


Rays of Sunshine

Was it a missed opportunity? Will her eyes, those wonderfully deep and innocent eyes that refused to look away, will those eyes ever re-appear?

Just a few seconds that lasted for hours but the intensity of her stare, the way she blinked without looking away, the way her lips itched at making a smile but held back in case it inferred more than she was prepared to say; all of it conspired to make her simple beauty stand out from all those around.

Maybe she was just distracted, staring into a blurred space ahead unaware of the disturbance her crystal rays were creating. Her gaze less focused than her mind, matters of great import troubling the grey matter enough to blind her to the world.  It would explain the length of time she maintained eye contact but no, this couldn’t be true; she blinked.

Not in a way to clear her eyes, not as a nervous reaction or to break away from unwanted attention; no she blinked quickly and deliberately because she needed to.  She held on as long as she could knowing it was coming, enjoying the moment so much she didn’t want it to end.

Knowing it might cut short her thrill she did it efficiently, smoothly and then re-focused almost too quickly. For the tiniest instant she looked scared as though the object of her desire might have been stolen, as quickly as it came, this wave of concern was washed away with the knowledge that what she had found remained as attentive as ever.

Just as she felt her neck started to tingle with the beginning of a delicious wave of excitement, a buzz that would interfere with the rest of her day, just as the muscles in chest spasmed, pumping a warm delicious high to her finger tips, through the very centre of her emotions right down to her toes; both members of this secret communication began to realize that it would be external factors that would force it to end.

As an imaginary second hand prepared to burst into life to tell all they had aged another second, so too the etiquette clock prepared to chime. The alarm would warn of an impending transformation; beautiful dreamy gaze would soon become an uncomfortable stare.

Tearing his eyes from hers was a hard, akin to leaving the last chocolate for a stranger whom he would never see enjoy it, but he knew the day would be so much better for the privilege and despite her willingness to continue, ultimately it was the right thing to do to make her happy.

Roller Coaster

We drank from our emotions as though they were eternal springs. Fed from our passion as though it were an immovable feast. Each peak of mountainous desire we scaled, confident there could never be an end.

Our eagerness to totally dissolve into each other’s spirit, led each of us to blindly give the other, not only heart and soul but everything that we had ever been. There was nothing more we could give, no empty spaces inside to fill, no dark undiscovered corners, we were one and it was forever.

And so when we fell, as inevitably we had to, we fell dangerously, battered and bruised; we hurt. The pain ate away at the very core of our being, ironically the dissolution that was once so welcomed, now tore us apart. An addiction starved not of an artificially created drug that could equally be introduced or removed voluntarily, but a natural concoction made specifically by the host to guarantee dependency. 

The pain wasn’t just inside, it was all around in the everyday. The past was now all rotten, infected by a hideous disease, try as we might to make it become a faded distant memory forever lost amongst a modern glamorous present; it resisted with the strength of passion it had been fed.

Our discarded, exhausted bodies resembled a sculpture of dried out desert sand. To be struck by a simple blow, shatter and disperse, to make us disappear without a trace and end an incurable pain that no pills could ever relieve; a simple wish destined to be ignored.

Separated we’d grasp at any small hope to make it through the minutes until they became hours and eventually days, only to discover unanswered questions were worse than knowing the worst. 

We’d return to a former battleground with blood in our eyes, our inner claws sharpened and ready. Optimistic that one last meaningful bitter fight would lead to the end we both so eagerly sought. Instead we’d find the sun had chased away our shadows, no words would be spent, a single look sufficient to wash away the foolishness of it all.

Resting back in the safety of our unique embrace we can see the future once again as clear as ever. No one else matters, friends advice no longer valuable, the deceit they’d feel a small price to pay for the only happiness that matters.

Amazed at how we can find so much more to give, only hours before too much had been shared, sacrifices made deemed ridiculous; and yet now fully refreshed these thoughts have vanished.

No matter how much we seek to stop this endless tide of torment, we know the heartbeat of waves on our personal beach is nothing more than life itself. The only way to get everything we truly desire is to be selfish, retain a little of ourselves deep inside and endlessly pursue the pattern that our horizon shows us regardless of the torment.

Everlasting Orange

Dusk is electric with the loose ends of the day, discarded they feed the ochre ball of fire as it descends gracefully onto another’s adventure.

A burst of summer rain does nothing to cool the mood, the heat of the day has past but the tempo of the street continues to climb. Ambient lighting filtering through the trees, washing over mingling crowds that mingle and merge with differing destinations. The cruisers radio’s share variety and passion, an occasional horn neither urgent nor hateful.

The clatter of plates, a celebratory chink to commence an evening or a stiff full stop to close another challenging week. A taste of the orient seasoning the air, the sizzle of tradition waters the mouths of a line of anticipation. Suits squeeze past aiming for a dinner at the end of a new journey.

Heels & ties loosen, buttons undo as the traffic disperses leaving dwellers of the night in peace. The transition is complete only when the hustle of waves folding onto the sand breakthrough. A brave few seek answers from the glorious blue moon at the water’s edge, their shadows secretly hidden on the beach.

Dusk holds promise in the air, another day is over but the next is a full night time away. The breath of the days wisdom has filtered through our lungs, Dusk is the respite that allows it to marinate our hearts. Born is the night through fortunes of the day.

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Morning Glory

Dawn simply seems to be there, she slips in under the cover of night just like the mist, lying in wait for the sun to rise.

She is always fresh and alive, droplets of her dew litter the petals of her children. Soon enough she will be gone but not before lighting a fire within those that witness her.

A dash of lime, a hint of mint, the spine tingle or forearm shiver. Small catalysts that hold more weight than their dosage suggests, Dawn brings a clean slate, a new beginning, a perspective without pressure or haste for the day is only hours old

The day is long, open and free, nothing dictates the limit of its potential better than the start it receives. Ignorance is bliss and unproductive, to argue with nature is natural, tolerated and encouraged but in the end always foolhardy.

Dawn is beauty without a cover, no judgement required.

Forever chasing time

Time waits, it heals and according to some is the measure of success.

But as a little inquisitive defective child I could never understand how it got to be more than that. The measure of time is a human condition, as far as we know, no other living organism measures it or relates the sequence of everything to it.

Of course the modern world functions on the back of logical measures such as hours and minutes, days and months and seasons.

The animal kingdom clearly also recognise many of these things, timely hibernation and migrations occur to ensure their species continue.

Humans however need more, they need to explain everything and make comparisions. We label everything to provide clarity and certainty but do we go too far, do we make things worse because of it.

When a person dies young we say they had a shortened life, this suggests they missed out and an emotive reaction follows. But what if that was 100% of their body’s design !

We judge people by a benchmark of age, we educate, employ and even attract them. Yet everyone matures at different speeds, different environments and oppportunity skew this further and lets not forget gender challenges.

The individual is now so programmed to work within a time set that I fear no one really knows how old they are.

An animal lives sleep to sleep, tomorrow may be their last or not.

If you knew you had 50 years would you change how you live, what about definitely making 100 ? Or is this too complicated to cope with ?

Why has this been such a niggle in my mind for so long, perhaps its the question itself not the answer.  By labeling everything we create restriction, time is just an example of the greater problem.

Forever does indeed chase time these days but should it be so ?

The Bar

The bar is pleasant, the anticipated low lighting gentle on the eyes, the steady beat from the disco bar next door makes its presence felt without upsetting the regulars.

I approach the empty bar and stand over your shoulder, you feel my presence, instinctively check your dress and flick your hair over your collar.

Our eyes meet in the whisky mirror as if by accident and lock in combat for a heartbeat longer than normal, we both acknowledge this stolen moment and smile as we look away; The kind of smile that reaches your toes but doesn’t move your mouth.

The barman takes my order, I have to lean over for him to hear, I smell your perfume and have to desperately force the right words out, once successfully placed I feel relief and risk sneaking another glance in the mirror of dreams. All I see are your smiling eyes looking innocently back.

My order is delivered, I need to reach past your right shoulder, to warn you of my impending visitation to your personal space I lightly touch your left shoulder, I feel your warm soft delicate skin through your silky dress. You move not deliberately clear but almost subconsciously into my temporary embrace, the smell of your hair hits my nostrils and I want to stay forever, instead I have to struggle to control my arm as I manoeuvre the drinks.

Sensing my job is done you turn to see me off and I in turn seek the reward of your last look and perhaps the last smile you will ever make just for me.

Your date returns as I vacate the area, the jealous question on his lips will never be asked.

On my return from our initial encounter at the bar I swapped stools at the table I occupied with my partner and friends. Our table location meant I couldn’t get a direct view of you, I had to settle for another reflection in the wall mirror which then showed me you, in the Whisky mirror where we first met.

As we talked I watched you, your body language suggested you were settled and comfortable with your company as only a long term partner could be, were you married I didn’t see but you knew somewhere someone was watching you. Casual glances around the bar, nothing dramatic so as to distract your partner but nonetheless you were intrigued.

A normally shy person I couldn’t take my eyes off your image in the mirror, begging for one genuine look made just for me. As time passed my hopes were slowly dashed and my head started the process letting down my heart as to what was never to be.

Just as all hope was gone there you were, plain as day staring as straight back as 2 mirrors could allow, your partner had once again left you momentarily alone and stranded. The thoughts that passed in those exclusive seconds where you were mine and I was yours remain precious to this day, had I known what was ahead I’d have never believed.

Even now, since you have gone, I have trouble recalling just how it moved from this simple innocent exchange to what we have shared in such a short span of time.

It must have been a full 30 minutes that off and on we had checked each other out, confident that it wasn’t just one way perving I would dare you to look mid way through a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner. Then it was your turn, just as I thought I’d been found out my end and try to concentrate on the local chatter your eyes would penetrate the pub until I looked again.

There was something mysterious and sexy in the way you looked, not the usual good looking girl but more, a deeper more sensual experience maybe the difference a real lambs wool rug brings to a roaring log fire.

After looking away for a minute or so, my gaze returned but you were gone, instantly my heart responded, pierced deep by a thin knife my breathing felt pressured and heavy, my shoulders almost collapsed and my mouth suddenly couldn’t remember how to smile. The one lasting memory I had was warmness in my groin, which would take a few hours to subside.

I took a drink, settled back into my chair and just as I started to convince my heart life goes on, you were there, not in the mirrors but in person standing at our table. Having a mouth full of drink I swallowed it quickly to ensure I didn’t spit it out and directed the automatic smile on my face your way. You were of course smart enough to address the lady of the table and advised her the barman thought I’d left my keys on the bar.

I followed you back to the place we first met, your partner was gone again, at the bar you turned took my eyes with yours and showed me the corridor to the hotel and whispered 5 minutes.

Having returned and passed my keys to my wife I made my excuses for a trip to the toilet and headed off to your adventure, I followed you down the hallway and into a cupboard with cleaning supplies. You turned, I took your cheeks in my hands, thumbs under your eyes and bent down and kissed you forever on your lips..

My hands drifted down your silky dress, our lips parted and our foreheads met as we examined our find, the ripple of your bra strap, the curve under your ribs to your hips and the merge into your shapely behind. The string of your undies hidden from sight but not from touch, I feel around the small of your back one hand going up, the other going down to the softness of your sexy bum.

Both arms work together to pull you onto my already hard cock, your tummy makes contact and even through my trousers your dress it feels like skin on skin. Your arms have wrapped under mine and up to my shoulders, you are content to relax and enjoy the moment for now.

Both of my hands are now on your bottom cheeks feeling the curve as they meet your thighs, as my lips reach down to smell your neck my arms are wishing you up higher so that I can swallow you whole. Your neck is so soft and open, your hair is now held back in a pigtail, when did you do this I wonder.. but not for long.

I nibble your ear lobe as one of my foraging hands ventures to your tummy, my thumb exploring your ribs up to your cleavage; my palm joins with your breast as though they were designed by the same person.

Underneath your dress and bra my fingers can feel your hardened nipple, difficult as it may be my first two fingers sit either side and at least imagine it being squeezed gently. You have relocated yourself, slightly opened your legs and accepted my thigh between. I press you gently against it knowing this is resting on your little button that has been waiting to be pressed.

Through your dress I can feel your panties join at the back and slip down as one between your cheeks, there is no better view I can think of at this moment than what is under your silky outer garment.

As if reading my mind you detach yourself and turn your back on me, I hesitate wondering what was wrong but your smile over your shoulder eases my thoughts and I see you bending slightly against one of the lower shelves. I use both hands to feel your bum again through this silky coverall and then lift the fabric up to reveal your fabulous secret world within.

I go down on my knees and lick the inside of your thighs, my hands warn you of my passage, my thumbs help expose your inner world. I can smell you even from your knees and know you have been thinking about this as long as I have.

My tongue reaches the base of your special lips and you bend further as your needs increase, you are wet enough that your slit is open, your simple undies have been buried within. I lick the part that no-one sees and you tingle all over, I slide my tongue into your slit twisting in and around your g string knowing if anyone checked they’d know what you’d done.

I can just reach your clit with my nose pressed against your bum entrance, you push back slightly making me aware this isn’t forbidden. I bring my tongue back in a long slow firm lick all the way through your lips over your no-mans land and onto your buttonhole. Wetting you thoroughly, you are clearly in some agony, your hand appears at your clit from the front and am concerned I may miss out on something special.

I stand and pull out my rather excited shy little friend, no longer little and no longer shy but smiling and eager, I slip it between your legs into your wet place where your fingers meet it and press it onto your clit. After a moment you need relief and push it back, arrange yourself onto it and slide up its full length, as I reach the end of your channel you smile with delight, it doesn’t take many strokes before you have exploded onto me and you catch your breath.

Knowing this isn’t finished you slide off my soaked cock with a bit of a squelch, it springs up on exit and slips past your bum hole, although you are now very well lubricated there you turn to say not this time baby and kneel down in front of me. You take my cock into your mouth and taste our combined juices, just the idea of you doing this to me makes me ready to explode, after a very short amount of time you can see I’m ready. Keeping constant eye contact with me you push me all the way into your mouth, I can feel your tonsils and know you are about to gag but this just makes me want to flood you even more.

As I pump out all my goodness it shoots straight down your throat, you are very brave and don’t miss a beat. Once I’ve unloaded you clean me up with a quick lick and then come up for a cuddle and a kiss. A deep meaningful kiss that said ‘shit that was unbelievable’. You are shaking from the exertion and excitement and so am I, I don’t know why this happened but am glad that it did.

I look again into your eyes and see the untold beauty I had pictured before, I realise we haven’t spoken a word since the bar. You straighten your dress, I check the hallway, just before you walk out I lift your dress one last time, you allow me as though we were married and I stare longingly at your secret place now enclosed once again in your panties. I slide 1 finger under the side into your now relaxed pussy and take a sample of your remaining juices on my finger. I then straighten your dress again as though we were married, touch your cheek with my hand and kiss you one last time.

You walk out of the cupboard and back to your world, I allow you five minutes before returning to my own. As I enter the bar I see you with your husband standing in readiness to leave, you have a jacket over your shoulders and a frown on your face. As you look my way you show me a glimmer of that smile, your slightly flushed cheeks are only visible to me because I know to look.

I walk back to my table as you turn to go and rejoin the world of school kids gossip and ask if anyone needs a fresh drink.

A Friday in September

She walked in before him, as the door closed his arms enveloped her from behind, he kissed her neck gently as his hands moved over her body. The buttons of her blouse were soon open and he pulled it back off her arms to leave her upper body naked. He caressed her breasts and nipples, in the mirror she could see her slender form as his suntanned hands exploring every part of her; his tongue traced down between her shoulders.

Lowering himself and the zip of her skirt, it fell to the floor as he to his knees, she stepped from it as if part of a dance. He pushed against her slightly and moved her forwards lowering her face down onto the bed.

Now his exploring mouth was at waist level. He tracked the string of her underwear down between her cheeks. Pushing her legs apart with his knees, she felt his moist tongue moving down and in firmly as he ran his fingernails over her buttocks, pulling them apart as he probed deeper.

She was stirring inside now as he pushed her knees further apart on the bed, forcing her to arch her back and push her arse into the air slightly. She could feel the g-string almost cutting her in two, his wet tongue soothing the pain moving it aside to reach the special parts. She felt vulnerable as she knew what was on view now, but she made no effort to move when she felt his tongue press against her ring, probing and licking.

He brought his hand up and very gently stroked her pussy lips and her moist entrance. All the time his tongue was working into her, she felt more and more of his saliva around and in her rim as he worked on lubricating her. She was aware of where this might lead and although she was a virgin there she couldn’t bring herself to stop his good work. She pushed her arse upwards to give him more access which enabled him to stroke more of her pussy. As his tongue worked deeper his fingers moved towards her clit and she felt herself melting before him.

She was so turned on now, but at the point where she thought she would go over the edge he pulled away and stood up. This was her opportunity to roll over and change the pace, maybe take his cock in her mouth or pull him on top of her, but she did neither she just lay there waiting for his next move.

Her heart beat fiercely, her pussy throbbed with a need much greater than anything she’d felt in weeks. Totally naked in the room with a stranger, her rear entrance provocatively positioned with one purpose in mind. Had she led him on to this point or was he forcing her with subtle seduction, would it hurt or would the pleasure overide the pain.
Access was hers to grant would she submit, would he ask, either way she could wait no longer, her fingers slipped into her pool of desire, the special spot inside felt like home, her clit needed her badly and somehow she had to be filled. Reaching for her friend she could not hold back, dumb and insensitive it might be but good for the simple things in mind.
Big enough to fill the gap but not too big to do any damage, long enough to satisfy the deepest of people, she slid her old friend all the way in.
She felt him return naked and erect, a smile on his face as he’d enjoyed her play, without allowing her time to think, he slipped a lubricated thumb into her bum, instead of rebelling and moving away, she pushed onto him.
Knowing this would be more filling than her old friend could manage, she wanted it all and right now, before she came and her senses returned.
His thumb had slid effortlessly in, she’d always thought of it as being so tight and small and yet she still wanted more.

As she relaxed her grip he turned his thumb slowly, he could feel the vibrator from inside of her and wanted to control it.

His fingers could now slip between her legs, feel the end of toy and even locate her clit. Everything was soaking wet, she was moving in motion to the rhythms of her needs, her hand bumping into his as they both aimed for the same results.

The masculine animal must see his prey, feeling is good but seeing is better. Her bum had been so smooth and tight, her pussy must be the same. Trimmed to perfection, lips waiting to be kissed, he must find a way to discover more about her.

Sliding slowly up and down his thumb, the knuckle naturally expanding and contracting her inner sole. The vibrations from her friend, the feeling of a stranger’s fingers exploring her, collaborate to drive her deeper and deeper into a sensual trance.

Now oblivious to the outside world her body or rather its pleasure is the only thing that matters.  He knew she was on the edge; the slightest erratic movement could trigger her. He was equally finely tuned; the vision of her exposed to the world, moaning as she slid voluntarily on his hand, was almost enough to spoil the moment.

His concentration at its peak as was something else which she clearly desired, he gently rolled her onto her back, allowed her knees to rise each side of his face, taking care not to remove anything from her delicious holes.

From his new vantage point he see everything he wanted, nothing else matter, the rain outside could wait.  His eyes took in her bum with his thumb inside, moved on to her pussy neatly sucking on a vibrating little friend. Up to her tight little bush of hair glistening in the half-light and across her small tummy to her heaving breasts.

Nipples erect and begging to be sucked there was so much he wanted all at the same time, he looked into her eyes and almost came there and then. Unadulterated sensual desire radiated out from within, he wanted to suck her inside and out, he wanted to taste her and lick her until she was inside him. He simply wanted to devour every part of her.

She saw his emotional claws coming out, his glowing eyes controlled only by his senses, he could be dangerous unless guided well, but in the right hands he would be pleasure itself. She slipped her friend out and tossed it aside, gently guided his throbbing penis into her and squeezed him tight.

He lowered his frame onto her chest, most of his penis captured by her soft lips. Slipping his right thumb from her behind he gently guided her arms above her head and held them with one hand. His left straightened her hair before his fingers slipped down to her ear. His thumb rested on her cheek and massaged her reassuringly, easing the pain of  her recent loss.

As his nipples reached hers a spark crossed their bodies,  he pushed further into her, he watched her smile as she appreciated the unexpected extra depth.  He waited for her to calm a little not wishing the end, this control helped his own sensitivity but he needed more distraction.

She raised her lips to met his, begging for him to allow them to climb further, still not wanting the peak to be in sight, before kissing her lips he blew a cool breath from her pussy, though her now moist belly button, between her pert lumps up to her neck and into her mouth.

Connecting for the first time, both unsure whether to just mingle or dance they soon swayed together as though separated at birth.

A flourish of lips, desperate tongues twisting and dancing, tasting and nibbling until finally eagerness is sated and tenderness takes over.  Her lips stick to his, frozen in time. He sucks in her tempered breath as it escapes her mouth, deep inside not wishing to waste anything she discards.

He limits his own release so not to blast her with wasted air, blowing gently across her cheeks. Kissing gently along the edge of her lower lip she remains captivated, soaking in the intense contact from this person she’d hardly even met.

A bundle within his total control, her body is connected at every sensory point. Their lips soft and gentle, their hard nipples pressed together. His chest supported by the backs of her legs, his strong hard cock buried deep within her hot tight pussy. Both displaying slightly more control but equally close to that magnificent orange horizon.

Reaching the corner of her mouth she feels the tip of his tongue explore the join, teasing her as he had somewhere else, seemingly a long time before. Making the connection instantly a slight moan squeezes out as she arches herself setting off a chain of sensory explosions.

As her chest presses against her thighs, her breasts get forced into a smaller space into his chest. Her tummy wet with fragrant passion, seals creating a vacuum that pulls gently at her button as they move together. Her hips roll backwards, her clit makes contact with his pubic mound, his cock reaches still deeper into her and finally presses hard against her g-spot just inside.

With both ends of her clitoris being attended to, she starts to climb the final staircase, the end must come and he knows he can control her no more.  Kissing down her cheek to her ear, she is moving beneath him making her own motion.  Slowly building, rolling very slightly, he remembers the g-string he had deliberately left on.

Pushed aside by all intruders and yet still clinging on, seems so naughty to be partly dressed. Picturing its delicate string moving slightly across her rim, the small lace patch watching as it slowly got soaked with delicious rain.

Her neck reaches out for its share of the riches, his tongue tickling her throbbing veins, his teeth biting her firm young skin, once again the beast is free, this time there will be no chance to hold him back.

She arches further, his cock strains inside, the base presses harder against her lips outside as his balls settle on her rear button hole.  Sliding is next but he wants to see her enjoy it, he pulls her tight in both arms squeezing her onto him but careful not to harm.  She is impaled on a spear of pure happiness, no drugs or alcohol required her nails warn there may be scars if he doesn’t act soon.

Sliding slowly out of its deep new home his cock felt longing to be returned; the necessity of the action painful to accept.  The relative cool air he felt long his shaft, shot misses into his racing heart beat, the need for clear usefully deep breaths clouded by his intense desire to push her past her limits of control.

As she felt him move she smiled and relaxed slightly knowing her immediate destiny was coming. His continued movement rubbing out along the upper surface of her soaking wet pussy, sending sparkles of pleasure through every inch of her frame. She waited for the plunge back down deep inside, the forcing open of her tunnel, but it didn’t arrive.  Her heart robbed of several beats as she felt the tip of his cock leaving her empty and alone. Purpose lost and confused, she gasped a breath and let out a cry for help.

The anguish on her face as her emotions transformed, the greatest leap from joy to pain written deeply on her beautiful face.  He wanted to console her but knew she’d rebel, his plan partly complete, he could still be her hero.  He stole one last look at her unsatisfied lips, he would love a side trip to taste her but knew her nails wouldn’t allow.

Neither had moved, their planets were still aligned, she felt him moving back into her, slow at first to ensure the path was located, once inside he pushed in hard. Forcing the breath out of her chest, he slapped into her, hearing her relief he looked into her eyes.

As they reopened they peered contentedly into his warm green irises. The initial happiness of being granted her last wish, soon was replaced with a glint of pay back. Sliding her legs each side of his hips under the disguise of adjusting for comfort, whilst he prepared for a second maneuver she took him by surprise.

Rolling him over, her counter attack was over before it began, a surge of adrenaline, the reclaiming of power, exciting her higher to a place never been.  The shock on his face wiped away with delight, she pinned his arms and started to ride.

Rolling her hips at first swallowing him whole, rubbing her clit frantically against his mound, the waves started crashing, her juices over flowing. She lifted up off him and crashed straight back down, faster and faster, further and further. His cock temporarily escaping then captured again, as she stabbed herself over and over.

He felt her nails biting his wrists, her teeth on his neck biting and sucking at the same time. Plunge after plunge he could feel the inevitable, her storm had broken, she was flooding him with love. Her back was tensing she was squeezing every drop out.

He wanted to deliver her favourite dessert deep within her, he held her still and exploded, shot after shot. Clamping her tightly their juices combined, a melting pot of passion.

All energy expended she collapsed onto him again, he held her closely her skin so slippery. Their hearts pounded in unison, there were no words to explain, they had experienced the race together, a bond forged in lust.

She could feel him softening but would not let him go, he loved this position the mess amongst the glow. He licked her salty neck and blew kisses in her ear, she wrapped her whole body around him, her sensitive nipples still hard on his chest. He accepted her embrace and snuggled deep into her heart, he pulled her bottom into his lap making it know he was still buried inside.

Her electric sensitivity was easing slowly, the warmth of that special place once again radiating through him.  Soon he might taste the very essence of her being, a flavour created uniquely for him.

An Artists Disease

I look in the mirror and see the same face with the same lines, some are deeper but not since the last time I looked.

My clothes are hanging on the back of the door, jeans and a tee that have aged with use. I am proud enough of my body, its athletic build an example of improving from a solid base.

last night was fun, a gathering of friends we shared the crudites of middle age, pushed many boundaries and laughed. We laughed a lot but then we always laugh a lot.

Last year I sold a million books, I hate that book. It makes my skin peel to think I wrote it, I wish I could rid it from my memory. Like a broken relationship but worse, I can’t learn from it, I can’t get stronger, I can’t move on.

Inbetween every line a drop of emotion lies, each chapter is shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Hours, days no, weeks of trauma forged unique perspectives, the personality fed from my soul until it sporned a life of its own.

Pedantic patient revision and judicious editing finalised its copy, the hardcover, only symbolic in this modern age, set me free to love it as my own which I did for exactly 9 days.

The critics are right it truly is beautiful but thats the problem. Everyone loves it, its no longer unique or quirky but popular and heralded.

Success was in its completion, it worked. No amount of financial return can change that. I can’t change that just as I can’t change me.

They want a squel, they want me to dress differently, they stick cameras on me, drive me around in cars, demand my opinion on everything.

I was happy before this world overtook me. This piece of art has ruined my peaceful existence. Someone else can gladly have my 15 minutes

My wall is you my friend, your smile is always there looking back at me. Your eyes the only ones I can trust. Together my friend, together.


Crash and burn

1 – crash and burn

‘Shit I’m so sorry’ you said as the pain penetrated at the speed of lightning deep into the centre of my face

Momentarily blurred by the impact it was a good 30 seconds before my senses slowly started to return, the first realisation came with my arms holding a stranger preventing them from falling further, firmly and securely in a slightly awkward position. Your wet hair was partly in my mouth but mainly across my shoulder sticking to my back like a veil, my left hand protectively on your tummy finger tips touching the waist band of your soft wet bikini pants.

As you had lost control your instinct for self preservation managed to raise your right palm which impacted with my chest at the same time as your head hit my nose, your palm still remained resting tentatively close to my already sensitive left nipple.

The disinfecting qualities of salt water make themselves known both inside my mouth and up my nose as my vision gradually clears, your face appears for the first time and paralyses me once again.

Close enough for me to see the tiny creases that define your image, count your freckles all different yet all belonging, feel the glow from your slightly flushed cheeks and connect with your concerned compassionate eyes.

Snuggling into your left armpit my right shoulder feels as though it were always meant to fit, your other hand rests on the left side of my neck and it dawns on me – I have you completely in my arms ! with my right hand under your bottom taking your weight and your legs wrapped around the side of me.

‘Oh my god your nose is bleeding I sorry are you okay ?’ you ask with genuine concern
‘just give me a moment, I’ll be fine are you okay ?’ desperately soaking up every second of this amazing feeling

‘We just got dumped, I’m sorry’ you can’t help yourself apologising but don’t make any move to break our contact

‘You do realise the pain in my head is so bad, I am struggling to come up with a punishment ?’ I say knowing full well the sexual attraction that has spiked through my body has numbed all pain and is starting to get physical reactions

Your eyes change instantly from compassion to uncertainty before slowly turning to inquisitive, ‘and are you a nice punisher or a naughty one?’

Not wanting to be the one to say goodbye to your body but knowing some of the welcome side effects you have had on mine need to be made less public, I edge us out into deeper water. As we move you adjust position slightly not to get off but to get more comfortable, I can feel the inside of your legs on my hip bone, your legs are gripping me tightly, your right hand has moved lower to my stomach, the cool touch of your delicate fingers tingle my tense muscles almost to a tickle.

With the water at my waist I know there is a limit to how far I can throw you, with your bottom sitting nicely across my wrist just on the surface, each wave washes up and surrounds your pink girlszone momentarily before leaving a rock pool in a perfect place.

‘I can see you have recovered remarkably quickly’ you say with a cheeky glint in your eyes
With that I collapse into the water completely, holding you safely in my arms I turn to ensure you get completely under without making contact with anything solid, the natural flapping and splashing
that follows as you emerge choking and furious was worth every cent, the danger of being close to you at this very moment is clearly expressed in your eyes but my body is still unwilling to voluntarily say goodbye and stay put.

You could have accepted it was over and walked back to your friends but something made you return to my personal space, I watch your face as you wade slowly across the small distance, your eyebrows are in the mood for fun as they hide half your retinas, you stand in front of me our bodies centimetres apart, any closer and you will make contact with something unexpected underwater.
Your right hand grabs my left hip, your left hand the back of my head and you pull my head towards you, my heart starts pounding as though it wants to escape my chest, you kiss my cheek next to my sore nose on both sides, our swimmers brush in the process and you say ‘I think we are even… for now!’

I watch as you turn and walk back to the shore, the confident sway of your shoulders, the drips down your back, as your bottom slowly rises above the water level your hand checks you aren’t exposed, each wave follows you in kneeling before you until they are no longer allowed to come close. You turn for one last look from the sand and see me transfixed for the first time seeing your whole body glistening in the sun, and then return to your group and have a good laugh about the guy you just butted…

2 – seagulls and sand
‘ohmigod girls, you’ll never guess what just happened!’ I break out into a detailed description of the recent close encounter where I butted this gorgeous fella in the face, the girls excitedly asking questions, unaware of the pain your poor face must be feeling by now.
Out the corner of my eye, I watch you slowly emerge from the surging swell and head over to a pile of belongings resting quite comfortably in the sun awaiting your return. I suss out your entire physique as I watch you pick up a towel and dry yourself off, not completely, but just enough to satisfy your skin from not breaking out into goosebumps as the cool ocean breeze kisses your well toned, tanned skin. You sit down abruptly and I gasp in a short breath of concern, I watch as you slowly lower your head to hang between your legs, arms resting comfortably on each knee.
I grab a towel and hurriedly dry off, wrap it tightly around my waist, grab my belongings and bid the girls farewell, yelling over my shoulder that I’ll find my own way home later. As I approach you I can hear the girls cat calling and whistling in our direction, but my mind is somewhere else. Concern for your well being has kicked me in the pit of my stomach and I’m worried about you.
I jog up in front of you, plop down to my knees throwing my bag aside, quickly take your now warm face between my cool hands and raise your head so I can peer deep into your eyes. Your body jerks with fright, but you don’t pull away. Instead I’m greeted with a wide grin and a twinkle in your eye as you wink and ask ‘you back to finish the job?’
‘I was concerned you might have a concussion’ I spit back, irritated you’re taking this so lightly.
I’m about to move my hands and pull away, but you sense my irritation and quickly shadow my hands with yours  ‘don’t go, I’m kidding, I’m really glad you’re concerned enough to come check on me’
‘Come sit by me’ and before I know it, you’ve managed to swivel me around so that I too am facing the ocean, seated between your legs.  I feel your warmth radiating onto my skin as your left arm moves under my legs to cradle my bum and your right arm circles around my waist and you pull me so effortlessly back towards you. Then both your arms encircle me, I can feel you staring at the back of my neck, I can feel your warm breath as you lean forward to place your chin on my left shoulder.
You breathe in deeply and you manage, in a hoarse almost primal groan ‘you smell divine, so fresh
mmmm’ I’m sitting there transfixed in an almost shocked state, not knowing what to do next.  My sensible side screaming that this is a perfect stranger and I should leave now, my more adventurous side lapping up the luxury of your well toned arms shielding me from the cool breeze blowing.
I allow myself to relax, shake off the last of my nervousness, and slink back into your body, slightly surprised as the heat from your chest kisses the coolness of my back. I hear you moan again from deep within and I smile to myself, suddenly becoming very aware of just how much my presence is affecting you, its quite obvious as it nudges against the small of my back, and yet you make no attempt to hide it, I suddenly realise how aroused I feel myself at this strange yet exhilarating encounter with a total stranger.
I feel you tasting my neck, at first soft little lip on skin kisses that send shivers up my spine.
The kisses become a little more pressured as you nuzzle up my neck towards my ear and whisper ‘You excite me in a way I’ve never felt before … I want to taste every single centimetre of your body’
3 – a room with a view
After watching you rejoin your girlie clan I decided to take a wave or two, I turned and waded out to meet them but with you no longer close by, the previous distractions to my facial pain were no longer providing sufficient relief and my head was now throbbing quite badly.
Enough is enough I said, I’d probably drown myself if I carried on so back to shore I headed searching for my little pile trying desperately not to look your way, from the quick glance I couldn’t help you were all huddled tight in your own world, time had moved on and our little incident was now history.
Walking carefully across the sand I couldn’t help but wonder what could have made it last longer, the touch of your cool skin in places strangers don’t meet, the sparkle in your eye even when you were cranky, your character to kiss me better even though I’d been horrid to you, not to mention your fantastic tits and great arse.
The tell tale sign, that empty feeling deep deep down in the pit of my stomach that always comes is here, my body telling me it believes I could have done more an opportunity wasted, my head takes over and works overtime trying to figure it out.  All this mental punishment isn’t helping my pain, I plonk myself down in the sand after casually brushing off with my towel, the pain is searing, the thoughts are worse, I should kick myself no-one gets that close and escapes forever.
With my face searching the sand between my knees for answers a shadow appears near by, the sun is at my back and heading down which means whoever it is is in front of me, close too, too close to not want my attention, the last thing I want is to talk to someone I know about the pain so I put on a happy face. Instant shock as I feel two hands surround my face, nice soft cool hands, gently drawing my face up, friends don’t do that !
Looking into your eyes I know what its like to suddenly find a long lost family pet, I am instantly at ease with you, I crack a joke something about you finishing me off and your eyes fire like they did in the water, I see it and react quickly to ensure you can’t escape again. The backs of your hands are almost freezing under mine, my cheeks and hands acting as a doona to warm you through.
The pain has gone once again helped by the numbing powers of attraction, you have already experienced this part of me so I’m no longer shy to you but the general public shouldn’t be scared off the beach. I maneouver you round to sit in my sandy lap facing the ocean, its instinctive to cuddle you and wrapping my arms around you feels so natural.
Kissing your shoulder I suddenly realise I shouldn’t be doing this to a complete stranger, it isn’t the correct protocol and yet the fact that you are a stranger makes my sensitive bits throb even more. You must have had the same thoughts because the back of your neck became electric before you almost melt into my chest embrace, your salty fresh taste is almost impossible on the tongue I cant seem to stop and yet I know I must if only to save your reputation.
Whispering in your ear I ask what you are thinking, trying to remember every detail of your face and picturing you now, your eyes looking out to sea, but what are they really seeing is what I want to know. ‘I’ll tell you, if you tell me’ is your quiet reply, I consider this, questioning truly what it is I am thinking and how much I should tell you.
Should I tell you I my obvious extension currently prodding your spine is eager to say hello and explore the regions it was designed to encounter, perhaps this has already spoken for itself.
Maybe I should tell you that the simple touch of your skin is enough to set my entire being alive, every nerve ending is awake, every emotional string taunt and ready to sing, every drop of blood being pumped round my veins is wanting to reach the contact points of our bodies and ask for an autograph, perhaps this might be too strong for saying we’ve just met.
Well then it must come down to what it must be like to kiss your lips for the very first time, how can I describe this without undermining the power of this intense experience, how can I tell you before hand without spoiling the actual.
Mother nature is always at hand to assist, just as the movies predict at times of major league passion a quick burst of rain helps in so many different ways, it clears the air, cools the tempo, washes away the unwashed thoughts. It also has a habit of clearing beaches rather quickly, makes delicate young lady’s bodies shiver and breaks through moments in time that nothing else can touch.
For the first time in what seems like a week I look around to see a once packed beach now pretty much empty, this late afternoon shower is as regular as the midday sun, its time to go home, swap daytime for night-time attire and think about dinner and thereafter.
‘Your friends appear to have gone’ I say feeling your goosebumps appear under my chin, ‘they have too’ you say with an almost sarcastic edge
‘You’re cold, here let me put my towel around your shoulders’ as I try to move my arm you say ‘don’t I’m fine right here’ your point made
‘You were going to say what you were thinking before it started to rain’ you say, my body heat now clearly working hard keeping us both warm, our exposed edges tense as the breeze comes and goes and the rain continues to fall.
‘I’m not moving until you tell me’ almost knowing what I wanted to say wasn’t going to be everyday chat
‘I was just imagining what it would be like to kiss your lips’
‘properly not just as friends do but full and passionate’ I am proud of myself for managing to speak quite normally about something so awkward
‘were you really or is that your cheap chat up line?’ you ask hesitantly
‘seriously that’s what I was thinking amongst other not so appropriate thoughts’
‘I don’t think I’ll go there, but what did you think it would be like? the kiss I mean’
‘well’ i start getting embarrassed ‘ I’m not really sure but from what I remember your lips are extremely soft and bouncy, I am certain the experience would be memorable but as for more words to describe, I don’t know’
‘You are gorgeous you know, where have you come from ?’ you say rhetorically
The rain eases but we are now alone, the sun is still out but the heat has all but disappeared leaving a mellow moist glowing early evening full of promise
‘So you going to tell me your thoughts ?’ I ask with a gentle squeeze around your tummy
4 – a brave move perhaps
I’m still half sitting, half lying in your embrace, now no longer surrounded by the warmth of your skin combined with that of the sun, instead my skin glistening as the afternoon shower moves on.
I’m bordering on shivering, but am not yet.
I’m bordering on turning around and taking your lips beneath mine and crushing them with the intenseness of the moment and the passion flaring inside of me, but not yet.
I’m bordering on grabbing your hand and chasing home to spread this feast someone has sent me and lavishing up every unique taste sensation your body is quite obviously offering up as my own personal buffet, but not yet.
Instead I conform to the will of reality and sit listening with intense concentration for your reply, your thoughts, your idea, wondering if perhaps we are thinking the same, praying that we are so that I know the fantasy will indeed eventuate into reality and yet not wanting to know for fear of not only you not being on the same wavelength but also fear that if we voice it, it might lose that sparkle it currently holds and is centring its attention in the warmth between my own legs.
“I was just imagining what it would be like to kiss your lips, properly not just as friends do but full and passionate” you reply with little hesitation and I can tell a slight feeling of smugness that you’ve finally managed to say what you were thinking without tripping over your own tongue.
I ponder the origins of this line, immediately instinct kicks in and before I can help myself, the words flow from my own mouth as if I myself have virtually tripped over my own tongue. “were you really or is that your cheap chat up line?” I’m surprised by my own response and without thought bite down hard on my own tongue to stop any further outbreak.
Your reply is quick and genuine, almost no thought put into it, which shows me you did mean it “seriously that’s what I was thinking amongst other not so appropriate thoughts”
Instantly the warmth between my own legs becomes very apparent and I become noticeably aware that this line of conversation should either be dropped or continued elsewhere, perhaps in the privacy of our own company, but curiosity can’t seem to be tamed today and again without thinking, I hear myself ask “I don’t think I’ll go there, but what did you think it would be like? the kiss I mean”
I sit in anticipation for the reply. “well …” I can hear your nervousness kick in slightly and I smirk at the chance of it being embarrassment causing your hesitation, but I devilishly allow you to continue without giving you a free pass.
“I’m not really sure but from what I remember your lips are extremely soft and bouncy, I am certain the experience would be memorable but as for more words to describe, I don’t know”
My demure slips and I give you the step up, a free pass to the next level “You are gorgeous you know, where have you come from?” I can feel my own mouth forming a grin as you try to decide the meaning behind my statement.
I suddenly become more aware of our surroundings, we are now completely alone on the sand, a few brave passers by taking the chance to reach their next destination before the unexpected surprise of another afternoon shower dampens their newly pressed attire.
I begin contemplating my next move, where to go from here. Do I invite you back to my place, but we’d not be leaving there till what I fear are the sunny hours of tomorrow afternoon.  Do I perhaps head over to your domain, but no, I’d feel out of my own comfort zone, and that is important for me – maintaining comfort, especially with a total stranger. Do I merely apologise again for my unexpected infringement of your personal space and make my way back home, in a lonely regret of a trance.
Before I’m able to put any more thought into it, you lean in a bit closer and ask in my ear, “So, you going to tell me your thoughts?” For a moment I’m captured in a statue-like pose, but in a state of bliss, I feel your arm tighten around my stomach playfully and I can almost just imagine the cheeky smile that is now resting so comfortably across your delicious mouth.
Without a second thought I surprise not only you but myself too by replying with “How about I tell you at my place?” It felt so right, so comfortable, and not for one second do I regret my choice. Without another word, you place your towel around my shoulders, pull on a really well fitting t-shirt that certainly does appealing justice for your physique. I watch as you easily scoop up the rest of your belongings as if they are light as feathers.
Then you offer me your hand. As I place my now shivering icy hand inside yours I realise how big your hands are.  The skin is so soft, and warm, and I’m grateful for its thawing capabilities. I allow you to easily pull me to my feet.  Your strong arm instinctively circles around my shivering hunched over frame, as we slowly make our way up to the parking lot.
We climb into your car and travel the silly 6 blocks faster than the heater can have any impact on our freezing bodies. Outside the building I fumbled around in my own belongings for my keys, accidental losing your towel around my shoulders and mine around my waist at the same time, almost in perfect unison.  I’m standing there almost butt naked on the side of the street, luckily with almost no audience.
My face hurriedly turns in your direction, hoping that you will come to my rescue, but instead I find you transfixed in a daze, almost cemented to the ground like a statue. Your eyes burning with a hungry desire as I feel your penetrating stare give me the once over, rather more slowly than normal.
Before I realise, you have snapped out of your trance, bent down and grabbed both damp towels and then proceeded to cover my body with yours. Your body heat sending shivers through me like electric shocks. I hurriedly find my keys, which allow us into the building. Our elevator trip to the top floor a silent one, neither of us daring to look in the other’s direction.
The doors open and we are faced with the spaciousness of all that is what I call home. One single room, divided only by the obviousness of grouping. Painted pale blue with a freshness that I like to exude. I watch as you walk in slowly and wonder now as much as I did on the beach, what you are thinking.
5 – yellow butterflies
This simply doesn’t happen to me.
It doesn’t happen to anyone I know, who is this immaculate almost perfect goddess that has infiltrated, no not infiltrated, taken over, even possessed my world. My thoughts are spinning wildly from extreme sexual desire to the emotional bliss that only a chocolate mousse made with genuine love can provide.
As you attempt to locate the keys to your most private physical space I wonder are you feeling the same as me, will you just expect sex and nothing more, are you planning to go out later and if so how much time is left in this dream before normal programming resumes. I nearly had my first car accident on the way here, my mind was not behind the wheel and yet we are still here as though it had never happened.
Would I be too forward if I pulled you into another cuddle right here and now, the right moves for the beach somehow aren’t automatically right for the street. Just as I’m remembering the feel of your wet costume, the colour of it emerges both top and bottom and my eyes witness your back once again, this is no ordinary back, it is your back.
An uncomfortable movement snaps me back and I collect the fallen towels that were your protective layer, I smirk as I recall a snippet of a past conversation, the difference between a lady being semi clad and semi naked is where they are standing, despite the high content of sand in the concrete step it isn’t the beach, I deliberately choose my towel to wrap around you, despite the Bart Simpson cartoon, and steal the cuddle I’d put on hold a moment before.
Inside I am amazed at how happy your space is, there are happy pictures dotted around, the furniture is modern, a mirror dressed with happy snaps, a white board in the kitchen area with a smiley hand drawn, a bed with sky blue cover and a yellow outline pattern of some sort.
I turn around and see you looking at me with a questioning look and I know instantly you are thinking the same thoughts to the letter.
What does he think of me now,  have I made a mistake, does he want to kiss me, will he please come over and have that first kiss so we can move on
Without risking further thought, without allowing the devil of hesitation get in the way, now is the only time it can be right, I push my body the step closer to you needed to be within striking distance, you attempt to speak still not sure if you are to receive what seems like the only thing you have ever wanted, I place a finger on your lips, the age old method of saying shoosh and I move very slowly towards your face.
My lips bumping gently into yours, they absorb the impact by opening slightly, we hold together passing secrets of our emotions, my eyes are closed, the only thing I can feel are your lips, there is no tensing to say that’s enough, just mountains of welcoming cushioning, I’m back on the beach again thinking this should never end, my head is light but there is no sound but that of the gentle waves washing in.  I feel like pushing every drop of my emotions through to you, how can I show you more, my nerve endings are twitching wanting to touch every part of you, yet afraid to move in case our attachment is broken early.
My thumbs caress your cheeks, my fingers on your ears and neck, my body makes every possible twist around you to ensure we are totally connected, if someone blew on us we’d probably fall over but together we a pillar of strength.
The high pitched beeping of a text message cuts through and slowly draws us out of self-contained state, our lips reverse slowly at first reaching breaking point, the soft flexible outside layer grasping the other, like lovers hands on a platform in an old movie as the train moves out, once contact has broken we move quicker our eyes needing to know what the other is thinking.
Before you found it hard to maintain long contact but now I am all you see, each blink is wasting the view, I can see the shyness, the protectiveness and orderliness packed away to the side, the raw genuine ‘this is me what do you think’ has overpowered everything else and is feeding me intensely.
A need to take a breath, to put you down, How exactly did I end up holding up in mid air ?, you move off to the kitchen bench and locate your phone ‘2 missed calls, that’s strange I didn’t hear it ring ?’
‘Do you want a drink, coffee or a cold drink, beer or wine?’ you ask ‘Coffee would be great’ I say thinking beer would be fantastic and wine quite dangerous
‘Ah I have a voice mail message from my friends on the beach, hahahaha, do you want to hear ?
6 – decisions
I feel like I’m drowning … yes drowning, so overcome by the heat of the moment that I find myself transfixed to the spot, not daring to move a muscle for fear of losing this connection. Without even realising what is happening, I feel my entire body being lifted slightly within your strong arms, our two bodies now crushed together by not only our own passionate needs, but also by gravity’s desire to remain a constant. I wrap my left arm around your neck and take your cheek within the cool cup of my right hand and tilt your face slightly more so that I have even more access to your delicious mouth.
I feel this deep warm burning need within me and now that at this point, I do not want to ever let go, I feel your thumbs caress my cheeks and then my neck and my ears.  I feel you moving to maintain as much bodily contact as humanly possible, and I know that this burning desire stirring deep within myself is mirrored within you too. All I want is for you to carry me over to my bed, lay me back and just devour me like a delicious chocolate pudding, but at the same time I’m afraid that if we move, it will all be over too soon, and for the moment, I am content just standing here in your arms, a pillar of strength the way we are entwined.
Almost with spiteful purpose, we are interrupted by a text message arriving, making its presence known with a high pitched interruption.
I sum up every ounce of will within myself and allow you to place my feet firmly back on the floor. I struggle to will my body to back away from you, suddenly the coolness of the air kissing against my skin that had just been nestled against the warmth of your own body, and for a second I have to concentrate not react.
I head over to the kitchen and retrieve my phone now lying so innocently on the counter.
“2 missed calls, that is strange I didn’t hear it ring.” I’m puzzled, but shake it off and continue to ask “Do you want a drink, coffee or a cold drink, beer or wine?”
I can see you hesitate for a second, pondering your choices and then you easily reply with “Coffee would be great” I cheekily smile to myself wondering if your thoughts were dwelling on the affect each beverage would have on me, and secretly I’d been hoping you’d have chosen a glass of wine, knowing my carefulness would fade and I’d find myself somewhat uninhibited and not aware of my nervousness.
I ponder your choice, coffee, a safe choice, signalling to me that tonight is not just about what we are both hoping will happen.  Coffee means you want to sit and talk and get to know me better.
I look at my phone again as it begins to vibrate … “Ah I have a voice mail message from my friends on the beach, hahahaha, do you want to hear?” Your face breaks out into this mischievous grin and you decline, knowing that it’s a secret women’s business, I nod understandingly, chuckling to myself as the girls go on about how cute he is, and to make sure we use protection.
I hurriedly make 2 cups of coffee and then entice you over to the far window of the loft where the last rays of sunlight are fighting till their last breath to remain. We relax on a pile of really large cushions and lazily talk about the arbitrary everyday stuff. A half hour later we are suddenly hit by an uncomfortable silence, I do not want to start up the next sentence for fear it will once more distract me from this ever growing intensity between my legs.
Without warning, I suddenly feel the softness of your lips kissing my ankles and I have to muster all restraint not to pull away as its rather ticklish.  You manoeuvre your body closer and begin kissing up the outside of my right leg, expertly moving the damp towel aside. You take hold of my right arm and pull me towards you, forcing me onto my stomach. Instantly I feel vulnerable, knowing that my bum is now fully visible.  I suddenly feel weighed down by your weight as you swing your left leg over my body, onto your knees and then promptly perching your bum as you sit back, just below my own bum.
Your hands are warm as they stroke my skin softly, sending electric shocks to places I didn’t know existed. I feel you on the move again, moving your knees to beside my own knees as you lower  your upper body down to mine and begin placing hot passionate kisses along my spine, down my back.  I instinctively want to get involved too and try to turn over, but you hold me down gently yet firmly and give me a look as if to say ‘don’t you move Missy’
7 – statements in the sun
Was coffee the right choice ? is she disappointed or relieved, I know a bottle of wine would have gone down just perfectly but then what, no coffee was right.
We Talk through the days events, the past weeks of fun, I learn about your new job, the fact that although you can throw a stone into the water from where we are sitting, you have been too busy to go to the beach all summer.  My eyes are spoilt by the view, my ears are dancing to the music of your voice, my nose can smell the mixture of your perfume, salty flesh and fresh coffee but other parts of my body are jealous.
My mouth wants to revisit your lips, my tongue wants to taste the flavours you advertise, my hands want to stroke your delightful skin, sometimes we must grasp the nettle, take charge and make the world turn a little bit quicker. I know we could talk all night, we both are eager to know more but your body language tells me you want to go somewhere else first, not later but now.
I deliberately close each thread of conversation and sense you doing the same until we are looking at each other in silence, do I see a flicker in your eyes inviting me over or is it concern that I might not want to, if this moment passes there won’t be another, the next move I make will state my position forever. Come on man this is life are you in or out ?
Without thinking what I would do, I move to you, you watch without seeing me and I take to your ankle and kiss it gently. Yes you are ticklish, the tell tale twitch almost disguised completely, its the most perfect shape, strong yet delicate, firm yet soft, my explorations must continue, I kiss up your leg. An advance party is sent to instruct my towel to move and as a loyal servant it drops away completely exposing your toned thighs and your lemon bikini pants, I twist you over onto your tummy wanting to remember where we were back on the beach.
An old man in pub once told me ‘A massage of love needs no oils’, at the time I thought he was just drunk but here I am running my fingers over your velvet skin and nothing could describe this feeling better. I can feel your ribs gently held by muscle, submerged in a soft coating of supple skin, alive to my fingertips gliding across like skis on virgin snow.
If I wait any longer my mouth will drip on you, the anticipation of your taste makes me swallow, my dry throat reminds me to take things slowly,  I adjust my position partly to relieve pressure on my rather excited shorts but also to provide access to your back for my lips, I have to kiss you again and again, I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop and despite an initial protest you don’t want me to stop either.
I kiss every link of your spine from your shoulders down to your tail bone, I lower your yellow waist band slightly to gain complete access to your mountain pass but go no further for now, I cup your buttocks with my hands and caress them, slipping my thumbs under the elastic of your swimmers and feeling your cool soft cheeks underneath.
I recommence spine kissing this time upwards, as I move slowly up once again kissing every single link, my hands follow up your sides, you arch your back into my lips as I pass over your sensitive lower back before arching away as I reach your shoulders, you have completely relaxed into these monster cushions and are quietly mumbling contentedly to yourself.
The snippets of you my lips have teased my taste buds with has caused a riot inside my mouth, never have they seen a taste so exquisite, my taste buds commandeer my tongue to fight for a fair slice of the action. I start to lick your skin in the centre of your shoulder blades, my tongue now fairly dry is soft and coarse across your salty fresh skin, my tongue feels like a cat’s as it laps up every drop of milk and more you offer.
I reach the start of your neck, lifting your hair as I go up to the hair line, sometimes kissing sometimes licking, I feel your intensity suddenly move into a faster gear and I move round to kiss the side of your face, as you turn to meet my eager lips I help your whole body flip over and plunge onto your lips, almost too harshly but now I want to devour you.
We take a breath and I move back to your neck, I’m lying on you propping myself up where-ever ensuring I don’t crush you, I kiss down your neck, under your chin and then pull up to survey the frontiers that lie in wait, your chest is pumping, your nipples at attention, your tummy in rhythm, I look up into your eyes seeking instructions, the sunset reflecting a warm orange glow.
8 – a cheeky turn of events
I see you looking up at me with that questioning look as if seeking direction, instructions on where to go from here, and suddenly my naughty streak kicks in. I push you gently yet quite firmly backwards so that you are sitting back, your bum now resting on the cushions of your soles.
Quite easily I manage to push you down onto your back, and like a cat I come stalkingly from your ankles up towards yours face, along the way planting small hot kisses in my wake of erotic destruction. With each kiss I mutter words, just loud enough for you to hear, and I can see the immediate effect in your shorts. “I” … kiss … “want to” … kiss … “have” … kiss … “hot” … kiss …. kiss … “steamy” … Just as I’m about to kiss you on the mouth, I jump up, each foot easily tucked in next to your hips, I flash you a naughty grin and finish with “shower”

Your face almost crumbles under the sexual tension, and I feel triumphant. “Care to join me?” I throw over my shoulder as I casually bounce off in the direction of my shower.

As I’m go I unfasten my bikini top and casually fling it back over my shoulder in your direction, I turn slightly so I can see you over my shoulder and wink at you, laughing to myself inside at how you’re just lying there, confused, dazed … “Well … are you coming?”Still no move from you, I hesitate for a second, then realise that perhaps your reason for frustration is your reason for not getting up too quickly. I turn my back on you, push each of my thumbs between my bikini bottoms and my skin, and slowly yet rather calculated for best effect, I begin to pull them downwards.

Before I even realise what is happening, your hands are over mine, you are on your knees behind me, and you assist in the removal of my bottoms.  As they fall to the floor, You hold my left hand to steady my balance as I carefully step out of them. It seems like ages goes by, and not another move from behind me. I try to look at you over my shoulder but your hands quickly move up to my hips and you hold me solidly, firmly in place and whisper “no, don’t move”

I’m not sure what is going on in you head now, but I begin to feel uneasy, knowing that you are now at face level with my bottom. Finally you release your hold on me, and allow me to walk into the bathroom to turn on the shower.  I want it hot and steamy, so I open it as much as I can.  I haven’t looked back to see where you are, but I know you are watching.

Without a word, I climb into the shower and slowly walk into the jets of hot water beating down with a force.  I submerge myself underneath, allow the water to cascade over every single inch of my body. Suddenly I feel you behind me, you move in closer and closer, your aching erection sliding easily between my legs, but not inside, rather to just nestle there.  Your hands move along my arms from my shoulders down to my hands, you clasp hold of each hand and move them forwards towards the wall where you rest both our weight.  My head is tilted forward so that the cascading water is running off my nose, I’m only able to take breaths with my mouth in-between the mouthfuls of water pooling there, but that is enough.

My mind clears and I relax, allowing you to take things from here

9 – summer rain

In the valley of angels ordinary people live too, a split second is always longer than you think, to many a split second is too much time, the difference between first and second, the chance to place a winning bid, the chance to read hesitation in your mind.

Mother nature is clever, she protects and nurtures and sometimes lets go, all in the interests of motherhood, she always knows best but isn’t always the first to know. I saw your doubt and concern before the tiny flashes of lightning broke the orange skies that coloured your eyes, the distant roll of thunder an unnecessary follow up, the message already delivered.

As fast as the lightning itself you pushed me up and then back, the shock soon dismissed by the amazing sensation of a goddess hovering up my legs kissing at regular intervals and saying something, my mind works overtime to understand the first single word as the second is launched, oh dear is she saying what I think she’s saying?

As you pass my restrained erection I am caught between relief and disappointment knowing your choice was better for both of us, ‘hot’ you are almost on my lips I can taste you coming, smell you again, each time is as good as the first, and then you’re gone. My lips don’t impact, your aroma is distant, the place you were is cool and empty, my body is missing you, the ache unbearable.

Standing over me you say something and turn and walk away, having felt the flickers in your eyes moments before had been overruled, I’m now terrified your move was in fact a way to accept them. My heart once strong and regular suppling the forces at the front, the tacticians room as well as the second line suddenly misses not once but multiple times, disarray amongst the troops, a true commander excels in times like these, a decisive action to address the attack and instil confidence in the chain is required.

Your bikini top falls to the floor, your thumbs attack your waist band, that’s the opportunity only a commander sees through the battle haze, I spring silently up and pounce, my fingers and thumbs well trained in their art adapt and assist without taking over. A beautiful truce has been made almost as though the war never started, your pants come off your raised foot and I see you again for the first time, naked.

It would be fair to say not every girl’s best view is from where I am right now, my face level with your bottom, my eyes are examining your contours once again amazed at how well your legs blend into your bum. You try to escape my gaze but I don’t let you go my mind photographing the parts previously dressed in yellow, the pink girlszone logo now rightly discarded.

In control again I allow you to slip through my fingers and watch as you enter the bathroom, the speech recognition team inside my head report ‘shower’ was one of the words you had used, still working on the rest. The body provides resources to places in need, my whole body is in need and resources are thin.

Your body is hot is everyway imaginable, the water from the shower hotter still, yet as I approach you from behind and run my hands from your shoulders down your arms I feel your body’s the confused goose bumps, your thighs open to meet my erect penis, your body slides onto me as a perfectly matched pair.

Painfully aware of where my sensitive head is and what it is doing in your moist valley of love, I try to divert my attention away to the other delights your landscape has to offer. Resting you against the tiled wall, my chest joined to your back, I reach around to your tummy and explore every inch of your soft middle as the water cascades down in rivulet’s over my hand.

Brushing your damp hair off your shoulders with my other hand, trying not to break the seal our bodies have made, I expose your ears and neck, the water blocking my vision I keep my eyes closed and rely on my other senses to enjoy you. I kiss your neck, the same way as before in a new environment, perfection can’t get better but it can be different.

The water is purified as it hits your body, the taste is you as I lick your neck, you rotate your hips slightly raising your bottom, I can feel you along the whole length of me, the water hitting my head at the front, your warmth sheltered lips kissing my shaft and your buttonhole rear on my pubic mound, I can feel your fingers underneath my cock lifting me onto the front of you. Gently but firmly pressing me closer almost getting me under your skin, my mind knowing what you are doing to yourself I have to deliberately bite your neck to shock me off track before I ruin the party too early.

My hands both move from below, I work my way up from your stomach to the blending point, exploring the curve before cupping your breasts one in each hand, you are firm and warm, your nipples still alert, does this use energy? The angle of your body make ripe fruit suspended from a tree and I caress them accordingly not wanting to bruise the surface. My forefingers bump across your nipples simultaneously, capturing them; they are now my prisoners looking out through the bars of my first two fingers.

My mind is split between the eagerness and frustration some parts of my body are experiencing, desperate to explore your internal delights and my other senses that have just touched the surface, under the water for minutes is not long enough I must change direction and extend this pleasure.

I slowly pull away from you, the sensation of breaking our seal not only physical as the water squeezes into the crevice we create, my hands reluctantly free your breasts promising to return and head to your hips, I lower to my knees again seeing your rear view and holding you in place as you attempt to turn. A river has formed running down your back, twisting and turning around the contours but maintaining its heading to reach your natural valley, I open your legs a little more and watch as the water flows around to your button before gravity takes over and it free falls to the floor below.

The palms and fingers of my hands massage your now pink bottom, my elusive thumbs investigate the path to glory and allow a little more light into places normally private and dark, your waterfall is irresistible and I must taste it, I go to the source and tentatively place my tongue underneath collecting and diverting.

The taste is good but I want to drink, to get more into my mouth I must surround the source, the tip of my tongue closes the front end of your bottom hole whilst the body lays over the entrance to your forbidden zone, you twitch on me and I wonder if this was me or something your hand has done since my cock vacated the area.

Drinking is good but I want to lick, although my tongue is soaking wet from the shower it is strangely dry on your skin, it tickles as it passes over your rear bud, it feels the power held within and the softness around the outside, the tip explores every twist of skin before it reaches the start of the end of your mountain pass.

The water floods into my face and I must turn back before I drown, I want to sample the very top of you and head swiftly back into the fray, the join between legs and lips is irresistible on the tongue and I explore as far as I can. Both sides of your main entrance are equally soft and deserving, you bend even further and I bump your fingers obviously working on their own project.

You turn and raise a leg over me and rest it on my shoulder, my eyes wide open surprised at your full exposure, my mouth pulling me in without hesitation, the fluffy soft cushion of your naked pubic mound tasting impossibly better than ever imagined. My tongue enters your open slit and gets a boost from your special juices. Down at the lowest point of your lips the joint is firm and definite, reminding me of your mouth, I must cover and explore every inch of you, dry your wetness and feel you within.

On automatic pilot my tongue works around, feeling each part and mapping the sensitive spots, my upper lip has found a lump and is reluctant to move too much, your hands rest on the back of my head pushing me in, releasing the pressure when you get too close. I could bite into you now and chew you forever knowing your flavour would never leave.

You eventually push my head away and raise my face to meet yours and kiss me again, it seems like forever since we last kissed and you are still as beautiful as I recall

10 – mystical nights

I can feel your tongue lashing about inside of me, I suddenly feel dizzy and can feel the room spinning, I must stop, stop this now, otherwise it’ll all come to an end.
I quickly bend forward and cup your face between my hands and raise your face up towards mine and plant my lips where they belong, against yours, delving into a forgotten moment of desirable pleasure, the taste of myself on your lips brings a smile to the corners of my mouth, flashbacks of how it felt having your mouth against my warmth, your tongue inside me … and there I go again.
I slowly lower myself down to kneeling using my body weight and gravity to my own advantage in raising you to your feet.  Instantly I’m faced with all that is you, right in my face, I look up at you with a cheeky grin; I know what needs to be done. You have a look of relief on your face, thankful for what I’m about to do.
I take your now throbbing cock in my right hand, right against the base, I raise my body a little so that I am easily able to slide just the head inside my mouth, I stop and look up at you, your head is now thrown back and I can hear a delightful little moan escaping from the depths of your throat.
I move your cock aside and begin lightly nibbling around your groin area, sucking hard just before I release each piece of skin from the grasp of my agile mouth.
I can sense your growing need to push yourself deep down my throat, I raise myself onto my knees, and do as you desire. I take your entire length deep inside my mouth and throat and linger, very slowly I pull back away from you.  I can feel your pulsating beginning to grow even more needful, but I can tell you are holding back and still in control.
Without hesitation, I begin to move your cock in and out my mouth, the same time pumping it up and down with the firm grip of my right hand, my hand and mouth working in unison. You are now gasping for air, I feel you twitching, as if a signal that I need to beware of going too far.
Without warning I stand up, taking the loofah hanging off from the cold tap I lather up a soapy ball and slowly begin washing your back.  I take great care in making sure I cover every single inch of your tall frame in soapy tropical fruit flavoured soap.
Once done I hand you the loofah, newly rinsed and soaped up again, and allow you to gently rub soap all over my body.  I feel your hesitation as you wash my breasts, you lower yourself to your knees, part my legs longingly and wash my depths within, almost unnoticed, you again allow yourself to give in to that primal desire within you and I can hear you whisper to yourself “oh god….”
We both rinse off, I hand you a warm fluffy towel as we both step out the shower to dry off, you still sporting your hardness, yet you don’t seemed phased by it, you can’t take your eyes off me and don’t seemed too worried that you are still soaking wet. I walk around behind you and slowly and lovingly wipe the last beads of water off your back, hang up the towels and walk through out into the openness of the loft, I stop about 5 meteres out the bathroom entrance, glance back over my shoulder, curl my finger at you a few times, beckoning you to follow and then proceed over to my bed.
11 – internal connections
Which desire is greater, which has more power, is it the short term physical need to release chemicals mixed specially for this occasion, the energy and potential now at its peak can only taint and subdue unless realised.  Or will the long-term desire for repetition win the day, wanting to revisit these special experiences time and time again without the shadow of a one off show.
Standing behind you in front of your bed, your figure as fresh and new despite our previous acts, there is something in the glint of your eyes as you watch me over your shoulder, trying desperately to disguise it with your wicked expression, I can still see a flicker beneath and wonder are we thinking the same thing.
My whole body is aching to devour you, to penetrate your special place, to give you all I have and hope that it will be enough. Just thinking of this act of beauty is enough to make my erection alert my other senses that the trip wires are set, the hair trigger is armed and very little is required to set off an unstoppable train of events. But this thought in itself refreshes the argument in my mind as to which desire should win; the quicker this final act is completed the closer an unwelcome goodbye may come.
Time heals all known ills; we must allow time freedom to work its magic.  I approach you and wrap my arms around your tummy, a quick squeeze and kiss to your neck, your skin is warm and soft and still a nice surprise to my lips. I turn you slightly and collect your legs, carrying you around the bed I place you gently in the middle.  You lie totally uninhibited by your nakedness, a platter of the finest fruit the earth has ever created, your breasts are perfect as they find their own place, your stomach soft and smooth, your legs a powerful connection to your feet.
Your face reflects the physical needs of your body, too long has it been tempted, now it wants to be given all that it has been promised, your eyes alight with desire still show a sign of something more, something inside is holding you back, no longer is this just a sexual encounter with a stranger from the beach.
Lying next to you I slip an arm under your shoulders, your head supported by pillows, you curl your legs over mine as we knot together, my free hand resting on your tummy. My erection causes a slight fuss as it locates a safe harbour; the naughty smile reflected on our faces easing the tension slightly, it sits happily alongside its new playmate the shaft making contact on behalf of the shy and sensitive head.
Contrary to popular belief the heart is not the source of all emotions, although it has a tendency to lose a beat from time to time, the tummy is in fact the organ that translates feelings into physical reactions. If our bodies are upset the stomach is there making it known, stress and happiness are equally well displayed.  My hand, through your tummy can almost soak up the way your body is struggling to handle the conflicts within, I am reassured your emotions are as complicated as mine and whisper in your ear ‘I don’t want this to end’
You turn my head to your lips and kiss me gently yet thoroughly, our eyes are open but closed to the outside world, the eruptions within my own melting pot have been settled like oil on a stormy sea, my heartbeat is confident and steady, my skin is tingling with excitement, it would appear we may have found a third way that allows both desires to win.
12 – all you can eat buffet

Lying with my legs lazily resting over your body, slightly turned onto my side facing you. Where do I go from here? The heat between my legs screams its choice of path to follow, while my heart and head battle it out between them. I want this to be mind-blowing but also don’t want it to end. End is inevitable, but now I choose not to believe so. Just as the decision making within my own head hits screaming proportions, you place your lips gently against my ear lobe and whisper “I don’t want this to end”

Suddenly I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of knowing and understanding and I have this intense need to show you recognition of these feelings, to let you know I’m fighting the same battle within my own mind. I take your face in my left palm and slowly turn your mouth towards mine. As my lips rest comfortably against yours, the heat eruption within the touch encounter is evident.

I’m now uncomfortably aware of the aching between my legs, the longing to have you soak up every ounce of myself that is on offer. Without warning, my heartbeat takes flight and lets me know that there is one thing it wants at this very moment, however manages to assure me that it will do everything within its power not to let this encounter end with a good-bye.

With ease, I raise my body up over yours, in my stride I collect each of your wrists within my own hands and raise your arms above your head. I use my legs to shift you more to the right into the centre of the bed, and more comfortably onto your back. Your face flashes a moment of uncertainty, but I dissolve that with a swift movement by placing my lips firmly against yours, slightly parting your lips and slipping my tongue inside your mouth to lap up all that is you.

Your mouth is warm, yet cool at the same time. I soak up your sweet taste in a sensual mome,na beautiful crash of our lips. I move to the soft spot below your earlobe and begin tracing soft kisses down your neck, along your collarbone, across your shoulder, and up your inner arm towards your elbow. Once at your elbow, I cheekily nibble on the soft white skin as if to let you know of my intentions of devouring you. I re-trace my kisses but this time using my teeth to nibble on each mouthful of skin, back down your arm, again across your chest and repeat my journey along your left side.

Your eyes are firmly closed, your head slightly drawn back, your mouth slightly ajar allowing small gasps to escape your gorgeous hole. I smile to myself, knowing exactly how relaxing and thrilling this little experience can be. Not wanting you to relax too much, I begin my journey downwards. I locate your right nipple and begin teasing it with my tongue, lashing in every direction until your nipple is erect with every sensual spark your body can create. I place my mouth over the whole thing and suck firmly, you gasp again at the unexpected pleasure of this little action. As I move my mouth over to your left nipple, I use my left hand to playfully tease the nipple I have just left standing at attention. Again you gasp as I suck deeply on your nipple, and this pleases me to hear and see you enjoying such simple pleasures.

I begin tracing little nibbles down each side of your body now, a little more firmly every now and then to let you know I mean business. I’m enjoying tasting your skin, you taste so warm and so fresh yet so you. I sit back now and admire this immaculate creature before me. I softly trace my fingers up and down the length of your body. Suddenly I am made increasingly aware of your stirrings as I feel your hard cock throbbing below me, and I know it is begging and pleading me for some attention.

I now position myself between your legs, and begin nibbling on the soft skin where your legs join with your body. All the while you are letting out small gasps of pleasure, but now I hear a deep rumbling groan from within, and I know you are ready for me.

I trace my tongue slowly and methodically up the right side of your shaft, then back down to the base and repeat my journey up the left side. I smile to myself as I see your hands grasp for pillows and squeeze tightly. Knowing you are so aroused makes me burn with desire inside. I use my right hand to carefully raise your hard cock to meet with my mouth, I raise my body slightly, resting on my left hand which is perched alongside your body, and slowly take you entirely into my mouth. I feel your body quiver with arousal as you let out a loud moan of pleasure. I gently hold the base as I firmly suck while I pull you out my mouth, but before you can react, I break into a wonderful rhythm as I move up and down your shaft, busily making my right hand useful as I pull my head up.

Just as I can feel your excitement may be drawing to a pinnacle, I gently ease off, lean on my left arm and gaze down at you. Pillows now scattered to opposite ends of the bed as you’ve grabbed them in a moment of erotic pleasure, your head still thrown back with your mouth open allowing these deep primal groans that turn me on so much, to escape.

After a short while you turn your head in my direction, open your eyes lazily and flash me a cheeky grin. I reply with an equally cheeky grin and whisper “I want to tease you all night” even though I know that my own desire for the ultimate prize at the end is not far off, but knowing myself and having the ability to reach climax time and time again, I desperately need for you to lead me into wave after wave of orgasmic freedom before I take you to that place myself. It is such a cruel punishment that men can only orgasm once during this erotic dance, I feel almost guilty but know that you would receive almost as much pleasure from watching me orgasm time and time again before you.

13 – life, the universe and everything

Picturing your lips working their way along my arm, smelling you again in close, your hair brushing me as you travel down, the tension you are creating under my skin is amazing, it seems like my whole skin wants to jump up and grab you, wrap around you, be you.
Your attentions to my chest encourage a response normally reserved for female breasts, they are a welcome deflection of my bodies energies and allow a certain amount of control to return to the lower regions. Just as I feel back in control you once again move lower, a second meeting on the same night must make a statement but now isn’t the time to worry.
Desperately holding on to the slimmest of ledges I know I can make the summit if only I can get past each selfish moment, not now buddy your time will come, there is more work to done to make this fairytale.
When the sensations of your actions finally start to drift away and room returns in my real world, my eyes open slowly and discover the pillows have gone, I slowly lift my head to see you sitting up on my legs, your look one of question and deep emotion, you have given me much of what is inside you freely and without hesitation, you have crossed the boundary, broken the ties and gambled with your heart.
You have clearly also been enjoying yourself, your mind is in a super relaxed state but your body is electric. “I want to tease you all-night” you say and like a fishing line with the freshest bate my mind instantly knows a challenge has been set. I’d never describe myself as competitive but if there is a chance of winning I’ll be there at the front, I want your lips back where they below, I want to release some of your energy and then I want to totally explore your everywhere.
I lift up using only my chest,  I need both arms to control your fall, I pull you into me, yours lips locate mine as if by magic, this time I kiss you deeply, I suck in your tongue and taste you before pushing it out and exploring with my own. I run my tongue around the inside of your lips, touching the coolest of corners before examining in detail your teeth. Holding you tight against my chest I roll you over onto your back, you are in the middle of the bed and my legs are a little off the end, the position is perfect.
Your body is fighting and won’t enjoy the touch your mind eagerly wants but both can be accomplished if you trust me enough, I feel that you have moved past that point and decide a firm step forward is necessary. I move to your right side to expose your body once again, in my left hand I hold your right, our fingers slightly entwined on and angle.  I walk my fingers of my right hand from your lips down your chin, jumping onto your collarbone, I ignore all the indentations and elevations and walk down between your breasts, your nipples still slightly erect from your own works.
Onto your stomach and around your belly button, my hand turning now so as to walk my 2 fingers forwards, still further on they walk to that special valley, normally covered with a light mat you are soft and smooth. All this time my eyes haven’t left yours, there has been no indication of concern or nervousness in your face; your desire hasn’t wavered.
My forefinger makes its claim for knighthood, gently and very slowly it slides down the slope between your lips, feeling the right route and watching for deviations, slight pressure applied when needed to ensure the right turning is found before finally slipping into a moist and welcoming cave.  A strong arch marks the entrance, the power transmitted simply by touch, my finger follows this upper surface in until the soft and uneven skin takes over.
Here I park and admire the view my finger is relaying, soft, warm, damp and very friendly, I must wait now until your body acknowledges my arrival, it doesn’t take long, your current state of tension must explode knowing that this won’t be the one and only, your chamber has more rounds for later.
Once the tell tale signs start to kick off, I apply a little more pressure to the roof of your pussy, transformed from a sheltered harbour to a modern hip nightspot your hips join in and attempt to offer even more access.  With my hand controlling your pleasure the palm wants to feel a part of you too, your pubic mound fits perfectly, were you designed for my hands I wonder, the smile on your face is now showing me you want and need exactly what I giving you, it won’t take long, it may not be enormous but it will allow me to truly taste something made specially for me.
As you get wetter inside my finger moves a little more, your hips move to encourage more but I control the pace, I can feel your knob of excitement on the outside soaking in some of the surface movement but I am careful not to hurt you at this very sensitive moment.
Your arching hips eventually take over and I allow you to finish the job properly, there can be no better person to ensure total satisfaction even on the smaller events but watching you do this makes me enjoy you even more.  Despite our obvious physical limitations many of us can orgasm in our heads as effectively as externally, just by touching you, the chemicals running around my body are making me feel a continuous high.
When your movements subside, your cheeks are rosy, you let out a very deep sign as though to say thank you and your eyes open for the first time since your train left the station, the happiness you transmit is pure joy, it should be bottled and sent to less fortunate people.  I remove my finger from you and taste you, looking into your eyes as I do so as to let you know how much I want you, I then close each eye with a soft kiss on your eyelids, kiss you again on your lips and say “I haven’t finished yet, don’t move a muscle”
I slip off the end of the bed and move silently to the bathroom, I know what I need and a quick break will help my own stability lower down, on the way I notice some photos on your wall, very nice looking and make a mental note to ask about them another time.  Whilst I am looking for the special thing in your bathroom I realise my earlier concerns about doing it and it being over were completely unfounded, your eyes and face relay a guarantee that sex was an emotional and exciting past time but would never be all we shared, it would be filled with everything we want but our future would have even more.
As I return to your bed, your eyes are still lightly closed, certain that you hadn’t even thought to peak, without getting onto the bed I use the wet make-up brush I had sought to run slight beads of warm wetness from your upper thigh to your knee, instead of jumping up and reacting you relax further into the bed, I am neither tickling your nor soaking and with your recent release your body will allow the pleasure to infiltrate.
Back next to you on the bed again I hold your right hand above your head and run my brush down the inside of your arms, this being much more sensitive your skin physically tingles, I then move onto your breasts, your nipples are almost asleep, I wake them by making rings around them, the goose bumps rising up almost immediately followed slowly by the big hard tip, ‘whose waking me up’ in a deep fairytale voice it says and I nip off quickly to the other side.
Certain I am not going to tickle you, you have pretty much switched off your muscles, your eyes are still closed and your face displaying signs of a dreamlike state, I now start to paint the ridges and bumps around your chest but as I reach under your chin I breath very lightly on the wetted skin. The surface is hot from the air, the shower and the exercise and now the cool wet shock on small parts of your body sends spikes of energy out into nowhere, each one building until a whole body shiver is needed.
I slip down to your tummy and attack your button with the same attention, this time though it needs a tongue to feel your emotions inside, a good wet tongue and lick before moving on, each rib, each imperfection whether natural of man-made gets a thorough inspection, smooth skin is beautiful to touch and feel but the scars of life touch more that the surface. I have to be careful now as the connection I’m making is doing wonders for the blood flow in my own body, one wrong thought could easily make things turn out the wrong way, you are halfway to freedom, almost teased to contentment but not yet.
Your legs are long and powerful, the skin soft and slightly whiter than the average, your knees are beautifully powerful machines, capable and yet still aesthetic as with every other part of you and then your ankles come into view.  You twitch knowing I am looking and I understand this is an area you are cautious about, accordingly I kiss your ankles without touching, and move to your toes where I similarly give them a courteous kiss on top before saying ‘I’ll see you later’ with a smirk.
The grin on your face suggests the world will turn inside out before that happens and underneath I can see you are relieved that I will move on. Back up to your knees and inside needs painting again, my brush needs a bit more moisture so I suck it wet, as I move slowly brushing and blowing my way up your thighs you open up freely inviting me further, at the top I rest and admire what to date I have only felt, I suck in your smell and enjoy the amazing dimensions that an ordinary perfume can never achieve.
Painting my way around your lower lips, I bend your knees to allow full access to everything, your hips again start to move to encourage visitation to places early but I am stronger than that and need to enjoy everything properly.  I am so aroused by you being here, in front of me, even fully clothed my body would respond but to have you, just you here, the answers to any question could be found or dismissed without hesitation.
Dents made where your legs leave your body on both sides are particularly sensitive, they connect both ends and sides, to paint in there, a place that only a few people will ever see, the owner in most cases won’t see this place, is simply unique.  Your bottom sits happily at the end not sure if its part of the party or not, happy to chat but sometimes ignored. Painting around the soft external area is a very different feeling to anywhere else, the centre bud of power something that really needs to be licked.
Moving up your lips brushing both sides equally, they are open for obvious reasons and the temptation to once again taste is almost too strong but no you challenged me to tease you and that wouldn’t be teasing this time.  There are many ways to skin a cat and using your wetness to dampen my brush allows me to explore further on, past your main entrance and up to the little known geyser that can have no part in this adult game.  The little cousin needs to be included if only to watch and a paint around hurts no one.
Knowing from your body’s reactions you are starting to get a little tense again, allowing a little relief I return to the shy member of the gang and welcome it into the party, I lick gently around your bum, playing gently with its bud with the tip of my tongue, plenty of saliva to make it feel right, using my mouth and lips I pretend to bite into you here knowing the feeling inside your cheeks will exaggerate with interpretation. Moving onto to your more conservative pleasure zones, a strong lick through the centre of your slit soaks up a good taste of your again, reminding me that you are everything.


The Sands


The first time your short white fluffy dress whisked across my eye line my mouth forgot the words it was attempting to form.  Your feet moved quickly as though they were on a deadline, the crowds parted to allow you to pass and then consumed every trace of you.

Despite the split second encounter, I knew I’d regret not seeing your face.  A shadow had passed over my sun, unless I rectified it immediately the chill would surely seep into my night.

Without drawing attention to my objective, I shifted the conversation with my friend around to face your rapidly cooling trail.  There was plenty of colour, many attractive legs and a few classy heels but none that fitted the memory you had burned.

My friend had started a long slow topic, I had a full drink, there appeared few excuses that would suffice to escape a normally comfortable place.  Then I saw Mark, I grabbed the opportunity he presented literally with both hands, pulled him in and introduced my friend Georgia.  Both recently single, both having an intense interest in similar things, I knew she would understand and appreciate that our own rather less affectionate conversation could wait.

Having planted a seedling between them, I excused myself to allow them to germinate it alone and went in search of my white light.  My mind was open to any possibility, split second glimpses have often been best left that way. The betrayal of a first impression can be hard to accept but living with the regret of not knowing is at times much more damning.

Almost rushing past excluded bodies in an attempt to catch a thread of your afterglow, apologising for imaginary spillages and thanking happy strangers for anticipating my need. Breaking out of the mad throng into an unnaturally large space, I immediately felt vulnerable.

Directly in front of me about three metres ahead and standing alone is the skirt that caught my attention. Standing side on you don’t appear to have noticed my embarrassing escape from the mob.

Nowhere to hide to observe you, my legs refuse to move; my eyes too busy collecting dimensions before my imagination takes over.  You sway seductively to the music, your attention focused as the ocean rolls at you feet in the dim flicker of lights from the horizon.

Walking behind you retaining the same distance I realise why the crowd ended abruptly, the compressed sand of the summer club had ended and walking in the soft loose stuff was challenging.  Away from the crowd the night became more noticeable, the stars winked their goodbyes to an ageing orange sun as it traded places with the sprightly young blue moon.

What could I say without seeming cheap, how could I just talk without you thinking I was making a pass, could I walk away without offering a smile.  The simple answer was no, it didn’t matter what I said as long as I didn’t pinch your bum, you were just another person and even if you had a distinctive accent or a broken face, passing the time of day or night didn’t mean we were joined for life.  Not to smile however would be a regret, the shadow would return and engulf me; the moment would be lost for ever.

I approached you from the dark side, my best side in many eyes, I was about to speak, say something profound about the simple pleasures a clear night can give when I noticed the sparkle on your cheeks. Your eyes glistened in the moon rays more than normal and I realised you had been crying.

A lump formed in my throat, the still fresh inappropriate thoughts of the sexual pleasures your body might hold embarrassing me once again. I took a deep breath, adjusted my words and asked ‘Are you okay?’


The split second that your eyes were in my direction I’d swear they didn’t see me. Nervously I watched as your shoulder length hair shuttered back into place, the chance to see your colours lost. What now I asked myself as embarrassment washed over me for the third time in as many  minutes.

Arguing a case against existence in this time itself, one simple look had opened a hole in my foot that was in danger of swallowing me whole. The confrontation of the truth was sobering, why would an attractive girl discuss issues of emotion with a complete stranger.

The initial premise of my introduction was one of hopeful mutual attraction, I had made little effort to disguise my intentions, how then could I expect you to be receptive to sincerity or concern. I should seek out a rip in the distance and allow myself to be sucked from the beach before the world is damaged further by my presence.

Instead of the world ending in a flash of lightning and a thunderous crash, a soft yet determined voice reached into my ears, the words perfectly interpreted and yet so gently spoken, I had to check to be sure they had come from you. Assured that we were indeed alone I replied ‘Yes the night is beautiful, almost perfect’

And so our conversation began, you asked why I had said ‘almost’ and I explained perfection could only be, if it were shared. You seemed to understand despite my vague words, you asked who I would like to be sharing this moment in time with; for once in my life I had difficulty providing an answer.

The DJ raised the tempo in the party zone we had escaped, the evening was still young and the beach looked enticing. With a referring nod towards the music I asked ‘Would you like to walk a little way?’ hope coating my heart, you looked back longingly at the noise before turning to me for a second time. Judging by your smile I was worth the risk, for now. I would respect your faith.

We walked slowly, the soft sand making progress difficult even in bare feet. Our rhythm slowed until we became tuned, the occasional slip, an awkward attempt to assist without touching. Your outfit was simple and yet revealing, your skirt fluttered around your knees, a sleeveless top a second skin across your delicate breasts. My clumsy hands could not be trusted in a simple encounter with any part of your body, my wild electric imagination constructing the slightest brush into a major work of art.

At a point in view of the crowd away from the noise our conversation stopped us again, having steered away from my own personal imaginings, I tried to revisit the display of feelings before we met. My motives were genuine, had you just argued with a partner or lost something precious, it would be totally inappropriate to pursue the pathway of lust so clearly imagined. Instead the simple pleasures of your company would suffice. Despite the wickedly naughty pictures that float continuously within, my exterior has a full range of gentlemanly attributes.

Your expression is disheartening I feel my worst fears are to be realised until you say ‘you will think I’m really silly but its all of this’ hands encompassing the beach, water and party ‘this reminds me so much of home, a place I haven’t been for so long’

‘Do you miss home ?’ I ask with hesitation, instinctively knowing more was to come

‘So much and yet I don’t want to go just yet’

‘You are due to head home ?’

‘Yes Friday week’ your words tremble slightly as you turn to face to sea

I give you the time to recover, knowing exactly how explosive a mixture of emotions can be. The trip can be traumatic and yet exhilarating at the same time, fluctuating between a state of elation to desperate sadness and yet not knowing which emotion is truly justified.

Eventually you turn clearing your tears with already wet fingers ‘I’m sorry you shouldn’t spoil your evening, go back to your friends, I will be fine’

Shocked at the suggestion that any half decent bloke could leave a beautiful young lady in such a state I express my gratitude for your consideration of my own circumstances. ‘Of course you will be fine but hey my friends are all busy mating, I’d just be going home and unless you want me to leave you alone, I’d be delighted to hear more about home.’

You giggle at my cheekiness and we both smile, your eyes remain locked on mine for a few seconds longer each time, until I simply don’t look away. ‘You want to sit’ I ask deliberately extending the potential for our time together.

‘Look the sun is not far off the horizon, we should witness the end of the day’ With that you grasp your skirt and lower yourself to the sand gently.

I watch and am rewarded by a flash of white undies, only the slightest glimpse but enough for my mind to commence construction on a brand new highly detailed fantasy. Your breasts are totally covered by a thin layer of blue, the basis of support not obvious, but I notice a slight bump in the material where I imagine your nipples must be; was this there before.

I join you on the sand but lie rather than sit, my height always makes it awkward and besides lying next to a female, even fully dressed, the connections become very stimulating.

I wonder what thoughts are in your mind as you silently gaze towards the horizon, the burnt orange orb gradually slipping lower towards the sea. The silence between us grows, the potential for disaster is real, I search for the words to take charge and move forward.


The dance floor was packed. Petite round shoulders slid against muscular arms, silky dresses rubbed seductively against simple cotton blouses. Strangers touched intimately without ever meeting. This was a den of vultures and vixens alike, pouncing before a neighbour stole it’s prey.

Thrill upon thrill electrocuted the crowd, exciting them higher and higher. The beat marched mercilessly on, oblivious to the physical needs of the brethren. Outside the throng, onlookers rested before re-entering the feeding ground, water bottles littered the sandy floor.

Hands felt every part of her body, her skirt soiled with the sweat of more than one. Her legs felt fingers stray deliberately to every part of her, initially she’d rebelled but now her mind succumbed to the orders of the music.  She was enjoying the abandonment of conventional order, her mind had closed to the outside world and now all that was feeding her was the DJ’s charm.

Three hands was unusual but strangely exciting, particularly when they came from different sources. The first was hesitant and chubby, the back of his fingers moved up and down her right hip, his back was to her but he was short and hairy. The hem of her skirt edged higher as they gyrated gently out of rhythm.

Unable to move away, she adjusted to match his movements and the upward momentum of her skirt stopped.  Misunderstanding her intentions, his hand, now stationary on her thigh flipped, his palm and fingers clasping her upper thigh, his thumb strangely absent would be perilously close to her preciousness.

Acting swiftly her nails removed three clean strips of skin from the back of his hairy hand, there was no noise, no commotion just an empty space filled almost instantaneously by another.  The second hand was soft, with thin deliberate fingers, it touched her stomach as gently as her mother. The power within the finger tips clearly displayed as it massaged below her breasts around her belly button.

The third was overt; squeezing her bottom she could feel his desire attentive to the edge of her underwear. It was nice and smooth, deliciously enticing. She could feel the lace being worked slowly and surely back and forth across the very centre of her body. Streaks of excitement shot up her spine, mixing with the warmth from her tummy, the initial bubbles of euphoria growing into pure pleasure she knew she had to cork this bottle before the night was ruined.

The courtesy and sensitivity the third hand had displayed deserved more than the pain inflicted on the first, taking the hand in hers she raised it to her lips, starting with his thumb she sucked each finger clean. Reaching the wedding band she looked longingly into his eyes, still in time to the music and closed his world forever.

The girl wanted more, having witnessed the departure of the other two intruders the girl sensed her time was nigh. From behind she felt the second hand arrive to meet the first, imprisoned by two delicate arms she felt the unmistakable impression of a female body squeeze into her bottom.  Lips attached to her neck as the hands started to explore her breasts.

Taking advantage of the security and warmth for a few seconds she questioned whether indeed she wanted it to stop. Another time and place she would have led the way but tonight was different, tonight had another purpose, tonight would be so much more.

She turned within the arms of this beautiful stranger and kissed her soft juicy red lips as deeply and as passionately as she had ever kissed a girl before. Holding the girls face with her hands slowly their lips parted, she breathed gently into her mouth all the time keeping a watch on her glorious blue eyes. The music played on but they had stopped moving, she whispered an apology, turned and was gone before the girl realised what she had lost.


As summer venues go The Sandcastle is pretty special, supposedly only open when the heat is rising the bar serves everything a beach bum might expect, cold beer for the regulars, foreign wine by any measure and of course a full selection of cocktails to weaken the sturdiest of knees. 

By far the best seller though was the free bottled water, a huge draw card for locals where the tapped variety was best viewed being poured into a bottomless glass – literally. Had this not been modern Cuba, where life had exceeded the limitations of money years before, management might need to review its policy of free entry before sunrise. 

The dance floor was huge but never far from the DJ, the ancient speakers designed for a previous decade of style still translated a transcendental beat well enough. The ambience was serenity itself, how could it be anything less perched on the shore of a crystal blue lagoon with a perfect sunset guaranteed every night. 

People got lost every night, somewhere between the compressed sand floor and the angry blue polka dot sky. Not altogether by accident, many came for that very reason but no-one really knew just how lost they might get. 

In years gone by, the more or less educated depending on your viewpoint might suppose witchcraft was involved, evil demons or religious savours to blame, today we know its just part of the human condition. 

All sorts come to release their souls in the invisible mists of the music, take the freedom on offer to drift alone leaving their troubles at the door. In time their souls and bodies will meet and fall in love again, a fresh fire burning within with a reprogrammed spirit. 

Sally escaped the hungry hands of the dance floor, the third night in a row and she was now starting to appreciate this was no ordinary dance club. Anyone watching her path couldn’t help but be confused, angling deliberately towards the bar, fighting through the resident bodies, skirting a couple of layers across the face of the bar. Eventually, reaching the far side of the club less than a handful of yards from where she had danced, she squeezed out onto the private beach and drifted to the water’s edge. 

Of course this had been no more than an elaborate plan, there was reason behind this elusive course, her unsuspecting prey had been tempted she knew. She’d felt his body stir even without seeing it happen, it would be less than a minute before he too escaped the crowd; she dusted her cheeks and eyelids with a wet thumb, presented herself to the lowering sun above the horizon and waited.

Rainbows and other songs to hum to

Most people I have said a final goodbye to are dead. This however is an unusual foreign feeling that doesn’t seem to want to go away, its hard to understand yet perfectly understandable.

Its a written law of the stars that we, that is Saggitarians, do not leave unresolved friendships behind, a record in this ledger is exclusive and permanent. This perhaps is a source of the problem.

Many things are gained in sharing a moment in time, the title of my story for instance hit me square in the face during our explorative. My biography, if it were ever worth writing, should be titled ‘The Living Book’ as this is as good as any explanation of adventure that is my world.  It also goes someway to explaining why reading is more challenging now, I had felt it was just because I saw technique and constructs ahead of a story, but in fact it is a lack of need to escape; I escape into a wonderful world everytime I wake up.

The exploration of new worlds challenges our own perspectives, it exposes new opportunities and often strengthens our own resolve. Travelling to new lands makes this easier to engage, we expect to be confronted with different ways and understandings, navigating a foreign language reinforces the need to be more open and receptive. It is much harder to do on your own doorstep.

The manner in which you leave is as important as the style you arrive, the first impression you make can so easily be destroyed by a misinterpreted ending. Deep and engaging conversation in itself paints a significant impression on the canvas, in ending a meaningful debate it is vital not to undermine the passion of your argument by simply walking away disinterested.

Open questions left unanswered niggle in the background, promises made with no way of delivering, the warmth within the moment not cooled but frozen. Maybe this is the best of a bad bunch, would any other choice actually have a better outcome. Its hard to discover something wonderful and special and accept it’s place is not on your mantle but for it to vanish forever, is simply too extreme.

In days of old a gentleman’s word would never be broken, a duel to the death not uncommon for lesser offences, but conflicting arguments abound in a society that has vastly deregulated this institution. The imagination has been led to the dawn of a new world by wordsmiths that paint an artists view of freedom, every story has its villains and ideals. Society understandably can not keep pace with its own confusion.

Modern day romantic comedies bounce the emotions of heartbreak at us, love is defeated by circumstance until the last moment when we thank the lord for all the stars aligning. It doesn’t happen in the everyday. Rarely do we recognise the decisions that create the chance missed, nor act when all could be different. Karma has no control to apply, as much as we hold it dear to us, it is about giving not receiving.

To break a word to ensure another’s world is settled must be justified, living within my own doubt rippled pond is one thing but to allow another to share that space involuntarily is unforgivable. I do respect your desire to dissolve into history completely if indeed this is your wish, your afterglow will remain beautiful and everlasting.

However if I have misinterpreted your desire and accidentally offended your sensibilities, it is hard to entertain personal examination and not be offended by someone that simply walks away, then I want you to know I don’t wish your afterglow to be my only memory of you. There are ways to continue a voyage without a physical intent, you have so much more to explore.

You may indeed interpret this breach of my word negatively and strike me down, I am prepared to wear this punishment as the burden of the above is far greater to me.